How do I value my SaaS business?

Faile BashereFaile Bashere subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi all,

I run a small and niche SaaS business in the IT/Cloud space. I've created the product in 2015 and have a few offshore devs helping maintain it. Currently, the product is generating around 380k/yr (back in March of 2015 it was at 0).

The revenue increase from 2017 thru 2018 is going to be flat and my energy to continue to market the product is waning. However, I have a good product and pretty low margins in order to run the business.

A potential competitor is approaching me with a request to purchase my product and hire me full time. Their primary interest is me and my product. They have the capability and intent to 10-50x the product.

How should I price my product?


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