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Catch 22

studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
edited December 2007 in Marketing
   I am sure I am not the first person to do this, but I have spent all of my money on patent filing and making the actual product.  Now I have none left to attend a trade show or develop professional marketing materials. 
   I am fairly creative, so I think my website is decent.  With cold calling, I have been able to put my product into a few key boutiques.  (In Los Angeles at Beverly Hills Luggage and Juvenile Shop, in Seattle at Hush Baby, and in Steamboat Springs at Duck Duck Goose.) Since my products are innovative, I feel like I need some advertising to let people know about my products.  I can not rely on sales staff at the boutiques to educate customers, I need to take charge of that somehow with no budget.  I make a sale, I use the money to take another baby step.  I need people to know about my products to make the sales to get the money to let people know about the products - see the circle? 
   My products are baby care items.  I am swimming in a 7 billion dollar sea of  adorable and creative products.  My products perform better because of the quality I have put into them.  How do I speed the process of rising to the top and getting noticed?
   There are a lot of people blogging about baby gear.  How can I tell whose blog is getting the most hits?  Sending my products to a popular blogger would be affordable for me.  Also, is there etiquette for following up on such submissions?  What would an ideal package sent to a blogger contain?
    I would appreciate any other suggestions.


studiocherie12/4/2007 2:55 PM


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