Does my business need a website?



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    All these points are true.  Every business worth its salt needs a web presence.  But do you have the know how to find a good web designer.  Check out for free email course in outsourcing tips.  There is even a course in outsourcing web design.  Would love to hear feedback on what you thought.
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    Following up on using templates, I think templates are fine if your website exists for informational purposes only.  If all your visitor wants to do is read some background information about your company, the most important consideration is having good content that is easy to find.
    However, if you`re in a creative industry, building an online brand, or anything of that nature,  it would definitely serve you better to get a professional design. 
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    Good info here.
    One approach my business encourages is creating a business development design (flowchart, etc.) which includes labor, tasks and other major requirements. Then suggestions for ways they can reduce and leverage their labor requirement using the Internet are proposed. When properly implemented, their long-term costs can be reduced, their efficiency increased and the potential for higher profits usually exceeds their expectation.Bottom line: Websites are not just for marketing, advertising and eCommerce activities.  They also work well in automating daily operations, broadening the labor pool from local to global, and reducing the labor requirement.
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    maybe today you might not need one (but only want one), but tomorrow it is inevitable that you will NEED one
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