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18 year old want to become an online fitness coach.

Lars NLars N subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hey, I'm an 18 year old man looking to become an online fitness coach which has become my side hustle besides high school and my part-job as a Barista at a café. 

My focus will be on helping beginners/intermediates on building the strength and body beyond their expectations using science based methods for both training and nutrition to reach these goals.

I want the coaching to be really personal, because I feel that's what works best when doing this kind of side hustle. I'm all agains just giving people a training program and meal plan and then never talking to them again because they'll probably stumble upon unforeseen challenges that they need a coach to overcome.

If you are:
- Interested in becoming a client.. or
- Have any tips on growing this type of business

Then please hit me with a reply :)


  • rachella80rachella80 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Hey Lars,

    Firstly you need to create an online presence. Start a free closed Facebook group for people to join. Here you can give people tips and advice and this also builds up your community. These people are interested in getting fit and you will already be there coach so they are more likely to want to train with you.

    Getting people to your group can be done with social media also. Instagram is a great way to market yourself. Post videos and insta stories of yourself working out. Tell a story about how you got into shape and then tell people you can help them too. Tell them you do online sessions and tell them about your facebook group.

    It will take some work but if you are consistent and plan you can achieve this goal.

    If you require any design work, i.e a logo, content for your social media or a website I would be happy to help.

    Good luck and I wish you every success.

  • blantsimonettiblantsimonetti subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    it's very cool that in such young years you are already striving for something! Good luck with your endeavors!
  • Why-EyesWhy-Eyes subscriber Posts: 51 Bronze Level Member
    I would recommend that your grow your online prescence via social media but not in a traditional way. Find a way to make your workouts unique and make your clients want to choose you over everyone else. You can find an example of someone doing this like Jaxblade fitness on youtube. He combines anime with workouts to make it fun, and different.
  • Stren656Stren656 subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member
    Youtube and instagram is the way to go. If you're outgoing and have a good physique you can grow an audience and sell custom plans online as well as gain physical clients too, you can even get sponsored by people like gymshark.

    See David Laid as an example of the work involved.
    Less work and more sales, check out:
  • JohnGreenJohnGreen subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member

    Good for you! I agree with th eother comments around using Social Media to build a n audience. Do you plan to become certified as a personal trainor? This is what I ddi roughly 20 years ago. I actually worked out and supported my clients in the gym. I see lots of online health coaches. There is great competition, so offer your viewers freebies that will help them. I am no longer a fitness trainer, however I offer people a superfoods ebook. My goal is to find people who want to improve their health and continueing offering them solutions. I do all this for free and then offer them an overview into our Wellness Store. From what I hearing in your post, you are thinking about charging an hourly fee or flat fee to coach others online in a zoom room or other live platform?

  • joncribbsjoncribbs subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member

    Great working!

    You must promote yourself with the help of YouTube/Instagram first of all!

    Good luck

  • publicspeakerpublicspeaker subscriber Posts: 19 Bronze Level Member

    Very Good work, I will suggest you to do Social Media marketing of your page by creating one on Instagram where most of the youth is present and you can reach a lot of audience by posting daily fitness videos and photos, All the best.

  • BrackwomBrackwom subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member

    Please do some different things, which are never done by anyone before & make unique & attractive content if you want to create a youtube channel.

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