Securing my business name.

P. MeyerP. Meyer Posts: 1subscriber Member
I'm getting everything in order to start my business. I've settled on a name, made sure no no one else is using that name, and even got lucky enough to secure a domain name that matches my actual business name. I'm not actually ready to start sales yet though. My question is should I go about registering my name with the secretary of state (I'm in North DAKOTA) before I'm ready to actually begin sales? I want to protect my business name but I don't know if I'll have to start reporting financials to the state and IRS once my business name is on paper. There are no financials to report and there won't be for awhile .


  • ChiedoChiedo Harrisonburg, VAPosts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Yes. Register the business. If there aren't any financials to report, all the paperwork you have to send will be easy. 

    If you're confident this business is going to happen, go ahead and take the first step and get it legal. 

    The paperwork isn't a burden until you actually start making money :)
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  • AbeAbe Fort Smith, AkansasPosts: 7subscriber Member
    edited May 2018
    It's smart to lock down the name as soon as you can. Like Chiedo stated, you do not need to worry about additional work besides filing the papers and paying the fees until you begain to make revenue with the name you register. I hope you the best of luck in your new venture and look farword to reading more from you in the future. ^_^
  • DonnyDelDonnyDel Posts: 2subscriber Member
    Yes, you should definitely register the business. :)
  • RjMaanRjMaan Posts: 28subscriber Bronze Level Member
    That's great if you want to secure your business and glad you secure it right from the start by purchasing its domain. I think you should also meet some Company Registration experts who would guide you further about its complexities. because a good company can decrease its market share once its competitors gain access in the market by using similar trade or brand name but there are certain rules and regulation in every country that protect the brand from such loss.
  • melodyspencermelodyspencer Posts: 26subscriber Bronze Level Member
    To find out if your business name has been claimed online, do a simple web search to see if anyone is already using that name. You'll also need to check whether a domain name (or web address) is available. You can do this using the WHOIS database of domain names. If it is available, be sure to claim it right away.
  • Colleen WColleen W Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Register for sure. Better safe than sorry.
  • Anna EversonAnna Everson CooksvillePosts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Only register for better safe!
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