7 Steps to Grow Your Business Through SEO

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image7 Steps to Grow Your Business Through SEO

Eecide if your business needs SEO, the steps your startup can take to implement this strategy, and a few resources you can look into along the way.

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  • marketinggalmarketinggal Posts: 28subscriber Bronze Level Member
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    Thanks for the great read. Yes as a business consultant I think that all startups need good SEO. Your point #4 about answering the question in meta is an excellent strategy. Also, the point about site speed is more relevant than ever now that Google is using your mobile speed as a ranking factor overall.  I like to use the software Ahref for your point #7 competitor link audits. 
  • Alexa_RAlexa_R Posts: 9subscriber Member
    Thanks for the great article! I agree that the site speed is extremely important. Recently, I have come across the information that a two-second delay in load time results in abandonment rates of 87%. Site speed (and mobile optimization) has a huge impact on growing the business.
  • AdhiraAdhira Posts: 1subscriber Member

    Many companies have great websites but they do not consider SEO. But actually, without SEO, the websites will not be seen by the visitors. As e-commerce websites are growing, and people find it simpler to make their purchase, they do online transactions too. But for this, your site has to be recognized, reputed and secure. All these aspects are possible only with SEO.

  • Ashish MalikAshish Malik JaipurPosts: 2subscriber Member

    SEO no doubt take time, but small, and medium business must go with SEO as in 6 months the business swill be at the top of the Search engine for various targeted keywords, but what you have spend in the 6 months is easily recoverable from one sale or lead.

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