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4 False Assumptions Everyone Must Know About Auto Transportion.

Daniel MoayandaDaniel Moayanda subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

Auto transportation has brought easiness to the transportation industry as it provides a suitable conveyance of personal and corporate vehicles across the globe. This improved economic condition has therefore caused an increase in demand — thereby boosting the revenue of the auto transportation industry. A recent report by AutoMobile Experts values up the market worth of the auto shipping industry to be a little above 5 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, as the auto transportation market keeps growing, there are still some common views and opinions that are incorrect, which is based on faulty thinking or understanding about this subject.

However, this article is not set to encourage or discourage anyone interested in vehicle shipping, instead to expose you to some false assumptions that has been, or most likely will be the catalyst to your personal/company’s negative auto transportation experience — if you don’t erase it.

Below therefore are four false assumptions everyone should know, about auto transportation:

#Myth 1: Open Carrier Is Totally Insecure

This is the most common false assumptions individual and corporate bodies make about transportation.

When shipping or transporting a vehicle, many automobile companies would grant you the option of open carrier auto transport system or enclosed carrier auto transport system.

Open carrier auto transport system is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to transport your vehicle. But a larger percentage of people who cannot afford the enclosed auto transport system choose to forfeit shipping their company’s vehicle, based on the false assumption that “open air carrier is totally unsecure.”

Although, open air exposes your vehicle to the fall of debris and the activities of sun, heat, snow, etc. But the risk of your vehicle being scratched or bruised is only a little bit higher than that of an enclosed carrier.

Moreso, for the mere fact that the vehicle you shipped in an enclosed carrier, would end up working in an open atmosphere for the rest of it’s life time, defeats the purpose.

In addition, the cost of shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier can be 30–50 percent greater than that of an open carrier. So it’s left to you to decide if your company can pay such additional cost or not.

#Myth 2: Instead of Shipping My Vehicle, I Can Board A Ship With It

This is a baseless assumption. As the ships that helps transport vehicles internationally, are freight carriers which can only accommodate the captain of the ship and his team.

This ships are quoted with industrial cabinets only for the transportation of vehicles — providing no space to the vehicle owners on board.

#Myth 3: Shipping Price Remains The Same Irrespective Of The Vehicle Size

This is totally untrue. Prices definitely varies with the size of your order. The price a vehicle shipping company would charge for shipping your company’s Toyota coaster bus would definitely be different from the cost of shipping a kia RIO.

#Myth 4: All Insurance Covers Everything

This is yet another faulty assumption most people make.

While some insurance policies covers the inside-out of your vehicle until it gets delivered at your doorstep or the nearest terminal, some insurance policies would state it clearly that they aren’t responsible for the vehicle’s interior.

It is therefore recommended that you double-check your insurance policy before you begin the process of shipping your vehicle, to confirm if the car shipping company is still connected to your car insurance agent.

Meanwhile, there are some vehicle shipping companies that provides awesome services as well as insure your vehicle — directly meaning, if your vehicle or vehicle parts get defaced during the process of shipping, these auto shipping companies would take full responsibility and cover the charges applied.

Thanks for reading,

M.O. Daniel.



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