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Startup plan for Spa

afeefafeef subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited December 2017 in Business Planning
One of my colse friend wants to start a business of spa in mumbai near colaba .
She wants a handmade lotions and body products.I suggested her to get some good handmade loofah soap, Nyassa Citronella Essential Oil , Nyassa Tea Tree Essential Oil and almond oiletc.She is not completely satisfied with these products .It would be great if you guys recommend some budget friendly products which would serve the quality of best experiences.


  • kunal123kunal123 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    I have personally used Nyassa's product . So I would suggest you to get Nyassa Lemongrass Essential Oil ,Nyassa Peppermint Essential Oil , Nyassa Mountain Musk Handmade Soap , Nyassa Cool Cucumber Hand Cream . These all are buget products .
  • afeefafeef subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Thank you so much kunal..I will surely try Nyassa Mountain Musk Handmade Soap and other products as well..Thanks for your precious time sir.
  • Urvi KashyapUrvi Kashyap subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    @afeef , hi
    I too live in colaba, mumbai.
    I really appreciate your idea of starting the spa with these materials. In addition to that I would like to add a few things that you can take care of:
    1. The spa should have a customer taking back system, that is customer should be made to take back something tangible as a gift back from spa which would leave an impacting impression.
    2. The spa must have a complimentary massage( can be replaced by anything) of any sort irrespective of the type of package taken by the customer.
    3. I don't have to tell you about the impact of offers in our country India, especially in expensive places like India.
  • Tom AdamsTom Adams subscriber Posts: 70 Bronze Level Member
    It seems to me that it would be nice in the spa to also sell natural cosmetics. Is this possible?
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