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Podcast Marketing - Which is better? Video or Audio?

yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
edited December 2006 in Marketing
Podcast marketing is unquestionably a brilliant form of low-cost advertising for small and medium-sized businesses.What is not so clear is: which is better? A video or audio podcast? Each has its advantage(s), but if you only had the time to do one, which would you do and why?Looking forward to your reply,Aleem Khan
yourNAMEinDotCom2006-12-5 1:5:4


  • colonjcolonj subscriber Posts: 0
    I did some research for you on this one and experts say that 83% of the population learn and buy more through sight,11% through hearing 3 1/2% through smell,1 1/2% through touch and 1% through taste. Now i hope this helps you out, but if you have any further questions dont be shy to throw them my way if you feel i can help you
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  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    That`s two votes for video. Interesting. That`s what I thought would be the case too. Video would be the favourite, but I wonder which will really do better i.e. which will have a greater audience? And more importantly which will bring more conversions?You see, even SuN still does audio podcasts. Is it that they just haven`t gotten to that page yet? Or could it be that audio is more effective because you can multi-task while you`re listening to an audio podcast.? Heck, people drive while listening to audio podcasts. Is it that the reach is greater with audio podcasts although the impact might be greater with video? But what good is impact if you only get a small crowd and few conversions? Does anyone have any hard numbers?I greatly appreciate the feedback from both of you and look forward to more replies. Aleem
    yourNAMEinDotCom2006-12-5 12:56:41
  • justinlillyjustinlilly subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m going to be the cheese who stands alone.Go audio. 1) As mentioned earlier, podcasts (audio) cost very little to make. The requirements are basically a microphone, computer and some storage space on the internet. As most people have a computer, their barrier to entry is storage space. $10/month.  Vodcasts, however, have the additional expense of a video camera. $200 minimum and a greater amount of storage space. This leads to a higher overhead, which, in turn, increases the amount of funding from advertisers they need.2) Audience- Podcasts are typically heard, from what I understand, in transit to and from work, during your lunch break, and during a workout. Of these, only the lunch break really lends itself to watching a movie. By going video, you are effectively shutting out the other two markets.3) Dissemination of product- In order to show your product to viewers on a Vodcast, you actually have to send the product to the person hosting it. This increases the overall price of advertising. If they do not use a product to show, you are effectively negating the real benefit to using a Vodcast over a podcast: face time.Hope it helps,  -justin
  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    I greatly appreciate your points. It`s just that it seems to me that TV trumps radio, no matter the target audience, no matter the product, demo or no demo. For example, I know more TV stars than radio stars. Even radio`s Howard Stern became a TV star, no? Some would even argue that it was TV that made him truly famous. I`m not suggesting that any of us should aim to become a media star, but we do want to have star products/services, don`t we?So does the same apply to the Internet? Does video generally always trump audio?Interested in your views,Aleem
  • justinlillyjustinlilly subscriber Posts: 0
    The reason video killed the radio star is because TV is national where as radio personalities are almost all regional. Sure someone in my neighborhood might know who Matt & Ramona are, but unless its a syndicated show, people in Boisie wouldn`t.   Peter Jennings, however, can be seen all throughout the world. I think a better comparison for iPod video vs audio would be to take radio musical hits before and after MTV. That represents a large paradigm shift from a focus on audio to an emphasis on video as it relates to the music industry, which (after all) is going for the same result you are: sales.  I could go on for a bit longer, but I think you get my idea. 
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