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Validating an idea

<span>One of the challenges I faced when starting up was to find users to validate my idea. Hard to extract much from friends and family, plus they may not be the right target group. Am wondering if you guys are to start a company right now, will you pay to pitch to potential users through an online platform to quickly validate your idea and get feedback? Any particular features that you will like? Any thoughts about the idea?</span>


  • ArtauArtau subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    I think it could work. What you are describing is one of the main problems entrepreneurs have. But the problem I see is who is going to tell me if I am going the right way or not? I am launching a new startup and to validate my idea I posted a question on Quora https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-think-about-my-startup-community-site Now Quora is great because of the community. I think that this is going to be your biggest challenge. And to answer your question Yes I would pay for the feedback.
  • Startup OasisStartup Oasis subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    edited July 2017
    Hello jj and Artau. Validating your IDea 100% is for me the most challenging part as an aspiring founder. People (target market) would tell you its a great Idea but the real question is are they willing to pay for it? personally you will never know until you really have to start. Most of our in <a href="http://www.startupoasis.co">Bed and Startup</a> a have the same problem. But you better get started and not waste time or you Idea will be done by others.:) If you have more questions visit us : www.startupoasis.co
  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    Hi! I think StartupOasis is right. People can easily change their opinion when it comes to money. So it'd be better to ask people about your project in more detailed way: to offer them your service and price. And then their comments are likely to be more reliable.
    Good luck!
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