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What is Working (and Living) Life Like for Digital Nomads?

StartupNationStartupNation administrator Posts: 625 Site Admin

imageWhat is Working (and Living) Life Like for Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads hack their way to work by traveling to new locations and meeting their creative and professional pursuits on the go.

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  • Krashy J. WilliamKrashy J. William subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    In this era of advance technology and science, being your own boss sure does sound great but how to be one is indeed most chased question. Gone are the days where degrees and diplomatic thinking was the key to be on top of successful list. I think entrepreneurship was in past, is in present and will prevail in future too. But most of dreamer remain dreaming because they don't have a right platform. Hats off to Hacker Paradise and The Remote Life, who have initiated to provide such platform.
  • Nikita YadavNikita Yadav subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Longing for the weekend is now over with ‘Remote Life’.
    The concept of getting out of your prison-like cubicle, working at different locations all over South Asia and not to forget an alternative workplace once you’re back.
    This upcoming start-up is your best bet to treat the travel bug inside you.
    And did I mention you get to work in Indonesia and Goa? Working by the shacks in morning and partying like a teenager by evening.
  • Chirag TilaraChirag Tilara subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Stress, anxiety, deadlines and all the health issues that come along with a corporate job. I'm not trying to badmouth the corporate. Just trying to praise new and exciting ideas such as working while travelling as this article suggests. This article gives a new perspective to what we call our "work environment" and I'm sure this is exactly what the current generation not only wants but direly needs.
  • Amrin VadsariaAmrin Vadsaria subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Successful entrepreneurship is living some years of your life like most people won't so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.
    A very inspiring article written by Mr.Nischal , on "Digital Nomads".A term which none of us knew until the past few years.Travelling is a thing we all love, but unfortunately can't pursue due to long work hours , hectic schedules and little pay.As a result we are stranded. But as mentioned by you, today's entrepreneurs can stand the rain. Success stories mentioned by you , and great programs like The Remote Life , enable them to do so. By being a digital nomad you not only get to work while you travel but also learn, explore, build networks, meet new people, enhance your knowledge, promote your work and most importantly, live life to the fullest.The list of advantages is endless. Thank you for this great article and for the greater program ,The Remote Life!.
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