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Is outdoor advertising still a money-making process to invest in order to promote your brand?

skytouchnycskytouchnyc subscriber Posts: 3 Member
edited June 2017 in Business Planning
In todays world of Internet marketing, it is getting very difficult to grab the attention of the viewers. Consumers are no longer looking at billboards in the same way they did twenty or thirty years ago. While they may still be considered a premium advertising space, consumers are engrossed in their smart phones, tablets, and gaming systems. Eyes are down, not up, for much of our lives.
With outdoor advertising upping the stakes and becoming increasingly more competitive, plus digital advertising becoming the medium of choice, it’s important to know how to make your advertising count. Ready to take the plunge, and do something truly creative?
Do share your thoughts.


  • Ulla OtterstålUlla Otterstål subscriber Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
    Depends on your business. But it is undeniable that digital or internet marketing is vital to boost your business up. People nowadays use a considerable amount of time regularly on their phones, at the very least.
  • skytouchnycskytouchnyc subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Hello @"Ulla Otterstål"

    We totally agree upon this. The only reason we have put up our website on internet and have our mobile app too.
    Please find the links below:

    What we do not understand is the trust factor. Yes, its true most of our clients contact us either through our website (sending a query) or call us. But don't you think referral network is still a boon even in this age of digital advertising?
    And there is this saying, "the bigger, the better".
    For example people walking down the street or driving a car will surely notice those billboards but here comes the catch whether the message meets their need or how the connect with the brand. If it suits them, they are surely gonna check our website whether they are a end consumer or a future prospect.
    Please share your thoughts on this.
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