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please critique my free classifieds website

madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
hey there startupnation, i am new to the site so please go easy... lol  i launched a free classifieds site about 6 months ago called www.madnonnie.com</A> in the small city where i live. i have been busy fixing all the countless bugs and issues that go along with this kind of thing. i came up with the idea about two years ago, got together with two buddies and the rest is history. we have never done anything like this before but we have heart and a tenacious need to succeed.  we have not started any kind of SEO yet, but that is next. i would appreciate any and all comments, suggestions and criticism. we know its not perfect but we try everyday to improve it and your comments are crucial to that. please let me know any and all areas that you think we should work on. anything/time that you could give would be greatly appreciated. the site is written asp.net 2.0 - thanks again for your time.
 madnonnie2007-7-4 16:48:0


  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    CraigL , thank you so much for your suggestions. i will get those bugs fixed asap. we will work on the site to better define who and what we are. thanks again for your comments! jeff
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    nhgnikole , thank you. we are working on the home page and should have a different, more direct look in the next few weeks. i will resubmit when we have it finished. thank you for taking the time.
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    jillybeans , thank soooo much for your comments! we are hearing that alot about the confusion on the home page, so we are now redesigning it. it will be a little more direct, with all the nonnie stuff on the left under its own tab labeled "more" we are looking at startupnations homepage as a general direction with more emphasis on classifieds. thank you for your vote of confidence - we have working on this site for two years and it is starting to take on a life of its own. if there are any other things that you would like to changed or added it would be well received! thanks again, jeff
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