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Did you know you could earn this much...?

Steve ColbertSteve Colbert subscriber Posts: 3 Member
I'm sick of people asking me to work for free. I came across this article about freelancers earning serious money. Yes, some of them are day rates but it made me think about the times I have offered my services for free in hope that it will enrich me with experience - what rubbish. The best experience I've had is realizing my own worth as a writer.

Do you know any other high earning freelance professions? I'm looking to expand my skill set.


Also is anyone on Slack? If so, have you used it to network?

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  • Randi MillerRandi Miller administrator Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
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    I do freelance development and DevOps. There are a few different parts to your post so let me break them down.

    No, I do not do free work. I require payment in some form. This might be only the cost of a beer to give you 30 minutes of my time for verbal consulting. It doesn't have to be much but never free. Usually, I take an equity stake in projects that pursue my skills but can't afford me. I've yet to have one that really gave me any returns.

    There are many freelance-style skill sets that you can make absurd amounts of money doing. You could be a freelance artist, developer, business analyst, writer or even dog walker. It's all about how you position yourself as an industry leader (yes, dog walkers have industry leaders too) and that your time is valuable for the client.

    I charge a lot of money. It's because my time is worth every cent. There are some caveats there though. I am booked out months in advance with a waiting list. I don't have the fear of losing any client because I have a line of people willing to double what I am charging any client just to get on my books for a few months. I provide valuable results for my clients too. They get a lot more bang for their buck than I actually charge. My goal is to always leave a business better off than I found them which can be interpreted many different ways depending on the business.

    Ignore that post. Everyone has the potential to make whatever they want to make no matter what industry or path they take into freelancing. I know a graffiti artist that makes $200k+, a calligrapher that makes $500k+ and a writer that makes $150k+. Don't think about "what can I do that will make money".. instead think "how can I make money from what I know." Everything is a business. Just all about how you spin it. Articles like the one linked are nothing more than click bait. They tell you things that just don't make any sense in the real world. Yes, Software Developers make an average of $100k a year but that's considering a bunch making 50k while a few make 250k. Don't believe the hype. Some freelancers barely know how they are going to eat tomorrow much less worrying about making $100k a year. It's a business. Figure out what you have to offer and sell it.

    Yes, I use Slack. I use it to network with people that I already know. A little advice from someone that has done this pony show before, meet people in-person. Go to events. Don't think like everyone else either. Going to a cupcake event when to make business relationships when you sell cupcakes is flat out dumb. It does nothing but creates a vortex of people trying to do the same thing. Go to a coffee shop event instead and let the coffee shop owners taste your cupcakes. Offer to sell them at wholesale if they put it on their menu. Do you get my point? Find a smart vertical that compliments what you do and the competition won't be around.. now that's money.

    Be smart. Sell yourself. Work with your passions. The money will follow.
    Making the web a better place!

    Randi Miller
    Geek Guy


  • Ulla OtterstålUlla Otterstål subscriber Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
    edited June 2017
    It's not a surprise that freelancing can rake in lots of money for anyone who has talent in fields like programming, design, etc. Businesses save lots of money hiring freelancers instead of getting fulltimers. Even if they offered bigger salaries to freelancers, they would still be able to save on other things like electricity and such. I'm earning a sizeable income on Upwork myself, given that I don't have a fulltime job there.
  • borntoruleborntorule subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
    Absolutely agree to Ulla, you are right by saying that some professions like web designing, programming are of a great demand and there are many freelancers doing that. Steve, you link does not work, there is an error 404. There are also many bloggers, who provide sponsored posting, some other kind of advertising or sell something on their blogs.
  • GastonGaston subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member
    I use Slack for work, yes. Never used it for networking though? Also, is calling bloggers freelancers appropriate? It seems like there is a slight difference between them.
  • Steve ColbertSteve Colbert subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Thanks guys. Sorry the link didn't work. I've found it here if you want to read anyway. Yes Gaston - some 'freelance hubs' are now on Slack. Just another way of connecting. I have been invited but I'm sure it's easy. Would you be interested? The one I'm part of is called the Hatch Collective. Found it after i read that article. Let me know and I'll ask the admin team.

    Thank you for all your answers. I guess I should just know my worth and innovate it seems!

  • Steve ColbertSteve Colbert subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Oh Gaston! My bud just said you have to fill in this Typeform and the admin team get back to you and invite you. I think it's helpful if you've already downloaded Slack. Don't know. Anyway, maybe chat to you on there as well.


    There you go!

    Ta da.
  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    edited August 2017
    I think you can achieve a success only if you like what you do. So if you like writing, you could start from Social media manager and over time to learn marketing. It's a very marketable skill today. And if you own the power of words, you have a good chance to become popular and make a good profit in this field. 
    Have you ever tried something like this? Do you like my idea?
  • arjun123arjun123 subscriber Posts: 114 Silver Level Member
    I'll show you my three favorite ways to start earning more money today. ... Tell them, “I'm a great customer, and I'd hate to have to leave because of a simple ... Check out how much you can earn over the course of 40 years with a single ..
  • Rizza OdraRizza Odra subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Family circumstances made me decide to work from home. I found a community of freelancers who helped me start my journey, including training for the basics of virtual assistance, social media management and marketing and SEO, among others. For "newbies", it is not as easy. But I agree that it is a thriving industry and offers really promising opportunities, especially for moms like me. :) 
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