What all problems you have faced while hiring freelancers for software services?

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I'm new on freelancer that's why I want to know about issues of freelancer while hiring freelancers for software services?


  • Adam JonesAdam Jones Sr.no. 8, Balaji Palace building, Kharadi,Chandan Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014Posts: 103subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hiring freelancers have several drawbacks. Some of them are

    1. Lack of commitment - they may suddenly drop your project, even without any prior notice – whole time wasted
    2. Lack of professionalism and legal obligation – may result poor outcome and waste of time
    3. May even outsource your project to someone else, further deterioration in quality.
    4. Lack of skill - may get stuck in middle of the project due to lack of skill, you many need to get another skilled freelancer.

    A possible solution to all these drawbacks could be contracting with outsourcing companies providing software services. In that case, you should seek recommendation for the company from someone who got benefitted from the company, maybe a friend? For my business, my friend suggested Staff India since he also got his work done by them. I didn't have to face those issues. Also, the cost was much lower - almost half- since they operate business in Indian region where labor cost is much lower.
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