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What all problems you have faced while hiring freelancers for software services?

EmillyEmilly Posts: 1subscriber Member
I'm new on freelancer that's why I want to know about issues of freelancer while hiring freelancers for software services?


  • Adam JonesAdam Jones 8, Balaji Palace building, Kharadi,Chandan Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014Posts: 124subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hiring freelancers have several drawbacks. Some of them are

    1. Lack of commitment - they may suddenly drop your project, even without any prior notice – whole time wasted
    2. Lack of professionalism and legal obligation – may result poor outcome and waste of time
    3. May even outsource your project to someone else, further deterioration in quality.
    4. Lack of skill - may get stuck in middle of the project due to lack of skill, you many need to get another skilled freelancer.

    A possible solution to all these drawbacks could be contracting with outsourcing companies providing software services. In that case, you should seek recommendation for the company from someone who got benefitted from the company, maybe a friend? For my business, my friend suggested Staff India since he also got his work done by them. I didn't have to face those issues. Also, the cost was much lower - almost half- since they operate business in Indian region where labor cost is much lower.
  • Ulla OtterstålUlla Otterstål Posts: 20subscriber Bronze Level Member
  • zyra katezyra kate Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    edited July 20
    I agree with @"Adam Jones" , I would like to add that freelancing doesn't ensure quality of work, the solution to this is to find genuinely trusted partners to outsource your software services. this can be achieved by using marketplaces, where service providers meet project originators.
    I have an good experience at one such Marketplace called Nasscom e-marketplace, I recommend you to try it, as this is governed by the reputed NASSCOM body, where you can get trusted partners to outsource your services for better quality of work & other unique advantages over freelancing.
  • gambitgambit Posts: 31subscriber Bronze Level Member
    You never know what awaits you when hiring freelancers! You may not even know what kind of person he is, he can just drop the project, without warning!
  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen Lewes, USAPosts: 51subscriber Bronze Level Member
    The biggest issue is to prepare an adequate specification for what they want. If a freelance is not told what is required, and work returned is not tested by the business on a stage by stage basis, the result will at best be 'a poor fit' and at worst be a total waste of time and effort.
    And the second is undercharging. If you’re prepared—with a portfolio, some references from people you’ve worked with, and knowledge about the industry—you should make sure that you charge a reasonable rate (based on the line of work you’re doing, as well as your financial needs).
  • zyra katezyra kate Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    @Helen Larsen, We outsource to freelancing, only when the work is a supporting function, also freelance because the work is not necessary to be micromanaged. I'ts not possible to monitor/test stage by stage, as the business person needs to focus on his core responsibilities.

    I agree with your second point about undercharging, that exists.
  • gambitgambit Posts: 31subscriber Bronze Level Member
    The most terrible seen is created when he is in different countries, to contact him to follow is slightly difficult
  • startupfounder1startupfounder1 Posts: 4subscriber Member
    mostly it has been the lack of quality provided, and services that are falsely advertised. Or in some cases they simply offered fake work, e.g. in SEO.
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