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Free inventory management/tracker tool?

Hi all,

We are a tech startup looking for a solution to help track our inventory - as well as the inventory of our suppliers.
We buy most of our components (SD cards, PCB components, ...) from websites like mouser.com and would like a way to check what their stock is and get warnings when it's getting low (i.e. via some sort of linkage to their stock status). 

Further, in the same setup we would ideally like to track our remaining inventory - i.e. updating e.g. how many SD cards, enclosures, boxes etc. we have left at any given time.

Any of you know some free simple tools for this? (e.g. Excel templates with some code in them or similar)

Thank you!


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    charucharu subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member
    Delivrd is a cloud-based inventory management and order fulfillment solution. The company offers two plans – free and $50 per month. The free plan covers one location and 25 SKUs. A great option for businesses that have a narrow focus, like online retailers and specialty product retailers.
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    • PartKeepr – those wanting a completely free system with no limitations can opt for this open source, configurable solution. It offers unlimited users, unlimited storage, and unlimited stock items, and comes with search filters, drag-and-drop functionality, parts data parameters, and integration capabilities.
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