Good Read: 5 Most Overlooked SEO Strategies to Propel Your Business Online



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    Link building is still one of the major techniques in SEO to rank higher and better. There are many type of link building strategies available, like here some list of backlink building techniques:

    Guest Blogging

    Image Link Building

    Blog Commenting

    Blog Posting

    Social Bookmarking

    Article submission

    Forum posting

    Web-Directory submission

    Social Profile Links

    Private Blog Networks

    Local Directories submission

    Q&A submission

    PDF and PPT submission

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    Thank you for sharing this list with us. Very helpful

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    It is great to see that the technical SEO is taken care of by looking at the points already mentioned.

    There is nothing more compelling though than good content and images that are optimised for the viewer.

    Some people call it Funnel writing which visualises text as large and the top and small at the bottom. This introduction and summary grabs attention at the start of the page which is critical leaving space further down for detail if the viewer wishes to proceed.

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    Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for these wonderful tips to propel your business online

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    17 most important SEO tips to follow when optimizing your website:

      1. Use Keywords In The Right Places

      2. Keep Users On Your Site Longer

      3. Find “Suggest” Keywords

      4. Delete Zombie Pages

      5. Do An Industry Study

      6. Add Related Keywords to Your Content

      7. Add Text to Infographics, Podcasts and Videos

      8. Update Old Pages

      9. Speed Up Your Website

      10. Use the Google Search Console

      11. Create Content Around Shoulder Niches

      12. Get Backlinks From Your Visual Assets

      13. Create Branded Keywords

      14. Add “What is X” Definitions to Blog Content

      15. Rank In The Featured Snippets

      16. Find More Guest Post Opportunities

      17. Improve Your Organic CTR

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    Nice Article. Informative and I'd follow suggestions.

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