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secret business idea approach

subhasubha subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2007 in Selecting a Business


 I`m over
it... I`m over the some top-secret business idea approach.

I was looking at a few web sites on the weekend, and I saw
a number of business ideas that were covered in terms such as… “become a
distributor , enriched residual income …….. etc”…


An online
business, lots of products, the business is given the task of getting people to
sign up to the online business and they get their income from a % of doing just


Sales - Lots of people know about direct marketing or MLM (multilevel
marketing) its still generally considered the cheapest way to get into
business, it can be a great starting point to mixing it with customers and
learning about sales, check out some of the myriad available. Don`t like any of
those, join an easy to learn one and develop an understanding of how it works;
duplicate it on your own product range.

Home Based - Lots of people are getting out of the
rat race... if you want ideas for starting a home based business check this
site out... lots of ideas there.


Okay that s
a start, hey you got any ideas? go on don`t be a woos! Hand em out...


With Thanks and Love,

subha12/1/2007 8:19 AM


  • subhasubha subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Friend,
    According to me, a good business idea is one that gathers all these conditions:
    - it isn`t based on any short term trend
    - it doesn`t need to target multiple markets
    - it is something that will be purchased many times by the same customer
    - it needs little work/labour to be operated
    - it can be advertised easily by words of mouth
    - it needs almost zero investment
    - it can be operated from almost any location, any country.
    - it doesn`t rely on anyone else than you
    - it`s not season-dependant
    - it`s become to a distributor
    - it`s increasing your residual income
    - it`s legal
    What do you think?
    With Thanks and Love
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    Subha, great advice and I completely agree with your list. Also, in my opinion, you need to be behind whatever product or service you are offering 100% or you will quickly lose interest and your idea will fail.If you are not fully behind what you are doing then you cannot expect others to be.
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