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Start a Consulting Business?

GoEastGoEast subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Selecting a Business
My name is Ben and I am relatively young and used to work for a regional company developing their Chinese market. Everything was going smoothly until the big recession hit home and I was laid off.
I tried to find other jobs but none that match my passion- international business.
So I sat down and realized my biggest assets are the fact that I speak fluent Chinese, have a huge base of Chinese contacts to back me up, been to China multiple times, and understand the business environment there well.
I thought about starting a consulting business that help companies outsource work to China; has anyone started a consulting business on here before? What I mean is that I can help companies find product suppliers in China, maybe help them do IT outsourcing; things like web design, graphic design, etc. 
Any advice? Is it even a viable idea to do so? I guess my biggest obstacle is how to get people to believe me? I know I can deliver solid results but others might have different ideas.


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    GlobalCitizenGlobalCitizen subscriber Posts: 0
    there are TONS of jobs over there. why just move, even if to Taipei? I would if I 1) didn`t have major commitments in NY and 2) could speak Chinese like you do!
    There is a great group of guys here in NY who are Harvard B-School grads and they are members of ACG. You should connect to the NY Chapter of ACG and ask them. I remember meeting them at the Mets game/ACG event last summer but would have to find their card.

    They consult to US companies that manufacture in China. maybe you could join them? or start your own firm and do some type of business partnership, development or alliance with them?
    Good luck
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    AngelDoughAngelDough subscriber Posts: 0
    Perhaps you can create a resource guide and/or e-Book on how to do business with China or how to outsource work, etc. and than sell the guide/book online, give speeches on the topic and become an expert in your field.....
    You can also use affiliate marketing to get others to help you sell the guide/book
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    RetiredMember5RetiredMember5 subscriber Posts: 0
    Wow, you have a great skill set in speaking Chinese.  This is an ever growing economy in today`s world.   I believe you can position yourself in the consulting world given the current need for outsourcing to China.  You may want to reference our FREE entrepreneur guide as to how to start, operate and grow a business in today`s web 2.0 world.  We discuss outsourcing issues, as well as legal corporate formation.
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    NamishaNamisha subscriber Posts: 0
    learning multi languages makes a better business man.
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    WayneLiewWayneLiew subscriber Posts: 3
    You know what? I am a Chinese as well but I have not traveled to China before because I am from Malaysia. Just an idea for you.
    Since you are fluent with the language, why not source people/employees from Mainland China, train them for admin services required by businesses on the Internet such as article writing, search engine optimization, graphic designs and so on. If you provide complete and ample training, there will be people (like me) who want to lease one of your employees to work for me.
    Hope over to AgentsOfValue.com for reference and take a peek about the model.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    credibility builds good leads in consulting from my experience.  become active in business social networks. get out there are pass out your info, talk to people. display a job well done using previous projects and testimonies.  a lot of times if you land a big client they will end up rehiring you time after time.  this is a "face-time" field in my opinion.  once relationships are established, you can leverage technology to remain in touch. find out where your target audience congregates and get out there and get your clients.
    one man can only do so much after all.  your productivity (especially in consulting) is restricted by the number of hours you work.  you may need some help at some point? perhaps outsourcing?  any thoughts of scaling the business but still wanting to retain the one man show appeal?
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    MavorMavor subscriber Posts: 1
     I agree with webjunky. You have excellent potential. Here is my plan of action for you:
    1. Identify businesses that will profit from hiring from overseas through your service.
    2. Walk to those businesses and introduce yourself.
    3. Present your idea and simply tell them that "this is how your business is GOING to increase profits through me" and bring with you some example businesses that have increased their profits/stock value/etc.. from consoling similar to yours. Also, bring a firm action plan with you so that they know you are serious.
    4. If you presented your idea/service correctly, most execs that you talk to will be asking you RIGHT THEN how they can proceed with you.
    If there are no businesses that can benefit from your consoling services within your city, you are going to have to get in touch with people via websites such as "linkedin" or through a community such as this one.
    Because interaction on the internet is very cheap, don`t expect that road to be very easy. It is ALWAYS perferable to present in PERSON to businesses that can benefit from your service.
    Best wishes : )
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    another alternative is getting in touch with middle men (almost broker type) that will take you in front of these key decision makers. i am not sure how it works in the region you want to serve but from personal experience these arrangements are very common in places like dubai. 
    when i was there i was helped tremendously get in front of people i would have never met.  many will charge you only when something materializes. i think of it as paying for leads...
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    GoEastGoEast subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for all the helpful advices and replies,
    I will now get to work, haha, I have a long road ahead of me.
    Will keep you guys posted.
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