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Dear All,
Iam new to this site and would like your advices on the below:
As iam planning to move to a foreign and poor country iam planning to start a business from home. My idea is to make Eco Friendly Cotton  utility Bags.the good thing I can easily find manufacturers there.
How can I start a business
How much money do I need to start up with
How can I market my product
I really appreciate your replies and advices
Business Woman
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    Hello Business Woman!  There are so many variables that it`s tough to give a definitive answer to any of those question.  To help answer those questions yourself, you need to go through the business plan process.  In doing the research needed to get a healthy start on your business plan, you will uncover the answers to the above questions.  My favorite it the SCORE template.

    Very best of luck! Keep us posted!
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    Thanks alot GrillCharmer... Iam sure the website will definately help.
    Please keep me updated if something new comes up
    Have a good day
    Business Woman
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