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Senior Moving....

nextlilypadnextlilypad subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2007 in Business Planning
I`ve been researching the idea of starting a senior moving company which would assist older folks with the coordination of downsizing, moving, estate sales and related services.  Do you think this would be a difficult venture to get off the ground?  With familes not living close to each other this service would obviously serve a need in the community.   In many cases you would probably be dealing with children of parents who are not living in your area and there may be some resistance to downsizing.    How could this be marketed:?  Any thoughts on where exactly to begin?  Thanks all.


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    As I was reading Craig`s post - it occurred to me that you could also provide support during the adjustment.
    Relocation companies offer "training /counseling to those moving internationally. It is designed to help the family assimilate more quickly into their new environment.
    For seniors you might give them an idea of what to expect or how they will feel and how others have dealt with it.
    You wouldn`t have to be the provider - but you could team/partner with someone who specialized in this type of thing.
  • nextlilypadnextlilypad subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree a comprehensive approach with added support/counseling would be the right combination.   Any thoughts on creative ways to market this?   How would one go about establishing a price structure for the various services?  Also, many  folks interested in this service (adult children) would not necessarily be living locally although I`m sure some would be.  Craig`s comment concerning his mom highlights the "un-moveability" issue hence the need to deal with families in many cases.  Thanks all for the great input and encouragement!   
  • SBLSSBLS subscriber Posts: 0
    This is a very large market and many businesses are taking off in offering this service.  Check out www.YourHomeInc.com</A>.  The owner offers training classes to individuals looking to start a senior move business.  The classes are small and very personal and hands-on and they offer a comprehensive program for how to get a business like this off the ground including operations, marketing, financial and legal considerations.  People come from all over the country to participate in her class. 
  • YourHomeYourHome subscriber Posts: 0
    My company offers courses in how to start a Senior Relocation business, working with the elderly, best practices, and much more.  Please see my website for more info, www.yourhomeinc.com</A> or call me at 206-719-1011
    Taking a course will answer all those questions you have!  ~Ruth
  • CopelandCopeland subscriber Posts: 1
    Good idea - this would take off very well, i think.the "complete service" thing seems good - dont come at it from a moving standpoint, or you`ll get opposition.
  • CopelandCopeland subscriber Posts: 1
    Almost forgot - Emphasize ease and comfort, too - everyone, no matter what age loves easy and comfortable transitions
    Copeland2007-7-26 23:51:48
  • stlmovehelpersstlmovehelpers subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks, everyone, for your posts!  The variety of ideas shared in this discussion reflects the variety of companies (and their services) who are currently (or soon will be) members of the senior move management industry.  Nice to see the suggestion to contact Ruth Granen (see July 19) in Washington!  Ruth, like me in St. Louis, are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  This industry has been out there for over a decade, and more and more are joining every week.  Go to www.stlmovehelpers.com</A>  [registered name is Move Facilitations LLC]  
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