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Please critique

burtonridrburtonridr subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2009 in Website Critique
I have two websites that I would like some expert advise on. I would like your overall opinion of the websites, their ease of use. On my blog I would like to know how well I`m taking advantage of my affiliate marketing, etc.


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    kevinholeshkevinholesh subscriber Posts: 0
    Overall, I really enjoyed look at them. Both of them are easy on the eyes and intuitive to navigate.
    Jus: The top banner looks like an advertisement. It should blend better with your green background. Also, the homepage should have a little bit more information. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a sentence or two summing up what Jus is wouldn`t hurt. As a last piece of advice, use less gray for the text. Try making the titles of the sections a little bit darker. It doesn`t have to be black, but if everything is gray, it is hard for me to scan the page and find what I want. (I`m an impatient web user, you know)By the way, I love the font choice. I have an unhealthy obsession with Georgia.getroasted: Get your own domain name. (dot)wordpress.com domains looks unprofessional. Even if getroasted.com is taken (which it is), use something like getroastednow.com You`ll look a lot more professional. Also, I would get rid of those snappages things. They annoy the crap out of me (and probably most people) who are just looking to get around your site without those things popping up all the time. If they`re making you a ton of money, keep them, but if not, it is just discouraging people from coming to your website.These are just suggestions, not criticisms. You have two good websites on your hands, but attention to detail will make them great.
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    burtonridrburtonridr subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for the great critique. That is a side of the readers psyche I had never considered until now. My main focus has been SEO and keyword optimization, which has worked wonders, I get lots of very targeted traffic. I just assumed that the reader already knew what they were looking for and it was my job to post material for them to formulate an opinion about if they should buy or not. roughly 28% of my visitors stay from 5-30 seconds, I believe that a good portion of those people could be pursuaded to stay longer if I do as you are suggesting.
    The blog has no specific product, what I was hoping for is some suggestions on how I can better monetize the blog and provide products through click bank or adsense that might appeal to an audience of mostly men readers.
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    burtonridrburtonridr subscriber Posts: 2
    Basically what you are suggesting then is maybe a short article at the top of the jus product page that engages the reader? And maybe the same for the top of the opportunity page?
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