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Add a short video or create a whole new website?

MobraMobra subscriber Posts: 9 Member
edited January 2017 in Website Critique
The concept presented at www.never4get.us received plenty of praise but the site itself not so much. Some people (apparently the ones without a technical background) complained that it is too technical and I need to simplify it and add an explanatory video. My site was intended to be a hybrid presentation: the top part for everybody to understand (and yes, I agree that the top part needs a video) and the next part for manufacturers that will surely be interested in technical details.

Is the hybrid idea wrong?

How important is the quality of the video? Would you recommend some professional biz to help me put together a fancy vid (I live in Austin, TX)?



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    PWDPWD subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Mobra,

    First of all, I really love your idea, and I hope that one day it will help us save some lives.

    To answer your question: what is the purpose of the website? Is it a website to find new customers, or is it a website to show it to manufacturers as in a presentation?

    If this is for new customers, then yes, it seems too technical. What I would do is place the non-technical information on the homepage so that a 'regular' website visitor would understand it. And maybe a link with the technical specs for those who are interested. I would focus on having understandable information for EVERY website visitor on the homepage, since 90+% website visitors would be non-technical.

    If you do a video, make sure the quality is good. I would personally think of a cartoon video or graphics in the form of a slideshow that explains what the the product does and how it works.

    Unfortunately I cannot recommend any biz in your location, I live in South America. But I am sure there are plenty businesses that can do that.
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    MobraMobra subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    PWD: thank you for your kind words. The main purpose of the site is to show the concept to potential investors and manufacturers and they (although some investors might only have $$, but no technical bg) should clearly understand the idea without a video (hey, not that a vid would do any harm ...). But I noticed that all the solutions proposed out there have a video even when the idea is as "brilliant" as the one shown at http://abc13.com/news/simple-device-cou ... s/1489291/

    A reminder/lifesaver (for kids and pets in cars) will soon become mandatory for all vehicles on US roads (see the Hot Car Act of 2016) and never4get.us is clearly the most reliable and affordable device and I just wonder whether the lack of an explanatory video is a big disadvantage in an age when many people prefer to watch a 60-90 seconds video rather than reading 5 minutes ...
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    HomerBluthHomerBluth subscriber Posts: 6
    Whether this site is for investors, the tech community, consumers, etc, you have a good enough product that you should absolutely invest the time or money into rebuilding the site from the ground up, so that it is more visually appealing, with different sections for people to go to ("About us" "FAQ" "Technical Specs" "Videos" "Contact" etc). Right now the site looks like a simple blog post, not even a full website. I know this link is not about an invention, but it's a good example of a visually attractive site: http://accidentfirm.com/
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    KC-12KC-12 subscriber Posts: 8
    I agree with the idea of building a real website. You cannot go far with blogger templates, you need more than that - a proper website with various pages that correspond to various aspects of what you offer.
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