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I'm planning to submit a survey to a few institutions, but I want to call beforehand to arrange an appointment with them to hand them a flyer with a link to the survey. What questions should I be prepared to answer both on the phone and in the meeting?


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    Which company you present?
    How long it takes?
    Why choose us?
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    "Whats in it for me?"

    A survey is a great tool but there has to be a clear benefit for the institution.

    I am not sure what the context is so the following might be totally off.

    Let's say you are surveying Universities across the United States.
    You can go in/call them and say:

    [Intro] "I am XX and I represent YY Company.
    [Reason]We are doing a survey to find out _____________
    Here is a link to the survey: ______________
    [Address Time Concern] It's only going to take you X minutes

    [Invoking Rivalry] So far we have received response from the following Universities:
    - Name a rival University
    - Name of a University in the same State
    - (you get the idea)

    [Assumptive Close] Once, we've completed the whole survey, where would you like me to send the results to?

    Hope this helps! :geek:
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