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A customer wants to set up an account - what do I do?

martinfalchmartinfalch subscriber Posts: 8
edited November 2016 in Sales
Hi there,

I run a webshop where I sell electronic units to customers across markets.
Usually customers pay by credit card (directly via the webshop), though several also make orders with e.g. 30 day payment and where they pay via bank transfers or paypal.

I recently got a mail from a customer who writes:
"I was hoping to set up a 30 day account instead of using credit card every time, if you could please let me know if this is an option or not."

I am not sure what he means in this case; I wonder if he is simply looking to receive 30 day payment time, though it may be something else that he is asking for.

Do any of you have experience with setting up "customer accounts" and what it entails/how it's done?

Thank you very much!


  • Randi MillerRandi Miller administrator Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
    Yes, what they are asking for is a NET 30 payment. Some companies like to get the items and the payment be made within 30 days of the transaction. This is usually so that they can do all of their billing stuff at once (if they are making several purchases throughout the month with you) or to pay by check. Be very careful with this kind of transaction especially if you would lose a lot of money if they didn't make the payment. In all likelihood you aren't going to repossess what they bought which means you lose the product if they don't pay.

    Also, there is a possibility that they are asking for monthly payments on the products, but based on the wording they are looking more for what I mentioned above; however, I would clarify with them what they are looking for.
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  • Adam JonesAdam Jones subscriber Posts: 124 Silver Level Member
    You can set separate preferred payment methods for online transactions and If you have chosen an in-store preferred payment method and do not have any payment method cannot be used, for example, if you select a credit card that the seller permission to pay using your PayPal Account every time you.
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