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Six Awesome Benefits for Using RPO

JulienJulien subscriber Posts: 44
Recruitment process outsourcing still sounds new to many companies, some of them may not know how to outsource or improve the recruiting process. If your company is thinking seriously about RPO and still have not heard too much about the benefits of the RPO, then here are some of the awesome reasons for you to consider RPO.

1. Reduced Recruiting Costs
This is one of the top reasons why organizations choose an RPO solution, and it’s also one of the biggest benefits of RPO. Many companies spend a lot of money on headhunters and job boards, or waste a lot of money through high turnover rates. With other companies, time is simply wasted in lengthy hiring processes or outdated (or a lack of) technology. An RPO provider can reduce recruiting costs by streamlining your recruiting process and showing you how to find good candidates better and with less time and money.

2. Scalable Recruiting Capacity
Christmas season is here, and many employers during this time go through a hiring spree for seasonal employees. If that’s you, then an awesome benefit of RPO is having a recruiting process in place that can scale up for the Christmas season, and then scale back down at the beginning of the next year. RPO is also great for companies that are growing rapidly, that may need extra help in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

3. A Consistent and Predictable Recruit-to-Hire Process
Candidates don’t like it if they don’t know where they stand in the recruiting process, or if they don’t know what’s happening or what’s supposed to happen next. This problem could also plague companies who have multiple entities or multiple departments, where each one could have their own hiring process. RPO can help get everything together and make the recruit-to-hire process consistent and predictable for both parties and across the entire organization. This makes it easier to know what’s going on and what everyone is doing to when recruiting or hiring someone.

4. Increased Candidate Quality
Hiring managers know that a great candidate is much more than a combination of experience and education, but also includes personality and previous accomplishments. Hiring managers who are pressed for time to fill a position, or have a ton of candidates to go through, may not necessarily take a look at the qualities that determine whether or not the new hire will stick with the position. An RPO solution can get into those qualities while still looking for candidates who have the needed experience and education.

5. Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction
The increased hiring manager satisfaction comes from many aspects of RPO. Hiring managers now have better away to assess the success of their efforts. Hiring managers now have more support from executives in the recruiting process. Hiring managers now aren’t stretched so thin and are better able to do their jobs. With the help and partnership of an RPO provider, hiring managers will be more satisfied with what’s accomplished and how candidates are recruited and brought into the company.

6. Enhanced Employment Brand
The employment brand is essentially the identity of the company as an employer, and when every other aspect of the recruiting process is in place and doing well, the employment brand improves. If your candidate quality improves, that only looks good to other potential candidates for your organization. If your hiring managers are satisfied and are working in a consistent recruit-to-hire process, then people who go through that process will only have good things to say about it and your company as an employer. Overall, RPO helps the company in many more ways that just cutting recruiting costs or filling positions faster. RPO can actually help a business become a better place to work.

Overall, for companies and organizations, the biggest benefits of RPO solution is saving your time and money while you are recruiting, so that you can recruit the right people on the right tract. So, start to consider outsourcing your recruitment process!
This was published by the RPOA In November 29th 2012


  • anushkachhakrabartianushkachhakrabarti subscriber Posts: 219 Silver Level Member
    RPO is a partnership between a business with recruiting needs (RPO buyer) and a business.
  • david14beckdavid14beck subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a process where an employer transfers the responsibility of recruiting candidates to an external service provider.The RPO provider can use its own methodologies for recruiting or can follow client’s techniques and methodologies.The main benefits associated with RPO are:

    1.Improved Efficiency-reduced recruiting costs:It is one of the prime advantages of RPO and the reason why businesses choose RPO solution.The costs related to recruiting activities include advertising on job boards,background screening,applicant tracking system,recruiting technology etc.These costs would be reduced when companies outsource recruiting.A significant advantage of RPO is that the vacancy would be filled in less time which would increase the efficiency of the business.

    2.Stronger quality of hires:A good RPO supplier will take time to assess company’s culture,skill set and special requirement.They would invest their time,energy and resources into sourcing,screening and presenting the best talent to the company.

    3.A high turnover rate:Companies outsource recruiting to get better qualified candidates which would result in high turnover.By outsourcing, companies get high quality candidates who are well matched to company’s work culture.When high turnover starts,the decision to outsource can be a quicker,cheaper way to recruit candidates.

    4.Compliance:By outsourcing recruitment,companies can relax knowing that all candidates are effectively screened and they would get the best talent for their organization.This approach removes the burden from the employer and alleviates the potential of getting the best candidates.
  • bharat.nimblechappsbharat.nimblechapps subscriber Posts: 186 Silver Level Member
    Thanks for sharing good ideas.
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  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing- As the term says, outsourcing your recruitment process to a 3rd party company who will ensure to fulfil your or your client’s recruitment needs using their professional expertise and experienced resources.
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