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Planning Web Resources

BrysonBryson subscriber Posts: 1
Whereas before, having a website is already a cool thing in and of itself, it would be hard luck to find a single competitor without visibility online nowadays. With audiences constantly bombarded with possibilities, options and opportunities in every inch of web real estate, the one with the most focused message to the most targeted audience lends itself to competitive advantage. With the current trend of events in the web design space, the website planning process becomes critical even more so than before.More and more elements are coming into play in the design of a website. There are usability considerations to think of, accessibility guidelines to mind, information management and architecture challenges to deal with... the list goes on. Furthermore, if the goal of your website ultimately has something to do with monetization or leverage for a brick-and-mortar business, then not only do you have to challenge yourself with a business strategy, but also, an online marketing strategy. Some might argue that those strategies are beyond the scope of the role and responsibilities of the designer. The designer needs to plan and map out which is unnecessary and which adds value to the website, which serves to be distracting and which lends itself ultimately to better user experience. The more robust a plan you have for your website, the easier it is to later on assemble and maintain it later on. There is no doubt a plethora of web design resources out there that you can refer to, but not so many goes comprehensively into the website planning process.


  • SaruSaru subscriber Posts: 0
    A good team work between the web-designer , the online marketer and the content manager is absolutely vital. When you build a brand new website from scratch you may consider the integration of all the three aspects: SEO friendly architecture, easy accessibility for the visitor and keywords related content management. Is it the best when the team work together from the beginning, building on each segment progressively while the website is raised up.
  • welistuwelistu subscriber Posts: 0
    great but give more explanation...
  • Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    A decent cooperation between the web-architect , the online advertiser and the substance director is completely indispensable. When you construct a fresh out of the box new site without any preparation you may consider the combination of all the three perspectives: SEO amicable engineering, simple openness for the guest and catchphrases related substance administration. Is it the best when the collaboration together from the earliest starting point, expanding on every fragment continuously while the site is raised up.
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