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In search of like-minded people to create online studio

RosaRosa subscriber Posts: 3

My name is Rosa, I’m from the Netherlands and currently live in the UK. For the creation of a new B2B online studio, I’m hoping to find a few like-minded people who would be enthusiastic to join in! This will be a relatively small studio with 5-10 people, and everyone will be working on a freelance basis.

As for myself, I’ve been working as a determined self-employed virtual assistant and would like to grow together with others by creating something new. The solidarity of a team and subsequent magnification of networking opportunities give a head start for growth. Moreover, and importantly, working in a team allows for feedback, proofreading, better project flow, more flexible schedules, and solidifies internal operations as well as marketing and sales strategy. Every day, I draw the same conclusion, which is that I want to join forces.
  • Morale

    The main criterion for this studio is that you are eco-minded and possess a great affinity for the environment, health and fitness, and socially responsible living. This is your mantra. You’re familiar with eco-friendly and fair trade products and organic food. However, all this doesn’t mean you need to live like a saint; intention is what really counts.

    Others would describe you as quirky (perhaps alternative), open-minded, proactive, diligent, well-organised, passionate, idealistic, caring, and a keen communicator.

    You’re a fan of minimalism and approaching things in a simple, fresh, effective way.

    You feel that your particular field of expertise really complements who you are, and your profession (in the context of this studio) makes you shine; it’s not something you do just to earn cash.

    Last but not least, you are motivated to nurture an inspiring, energetic team spirit. I want to be part of a team where everyone gets along well. We don’t just work under the same name, but we share work itself and the responsibility that comes with it. We must feel absolutely comfortable in sharing all aspects of work-related stuff with one another. If something is important for the others to know, it’s critical that you are able to identify this and act accordingly. Obviously, the same applies when working with (future) clients.

    I want to create a business entity where everyone is so good at what they do, and, as a whole, is so pleasant to work with it, and offers such a smooth client experience, that it’s talked about lots, and becomes a big player in the niche market. My visions are big, and therefore I’m looking for people whose visions are just as big. Quality means everything to you.
  • Services

    In a nutshell, these are some of the core expertises I’m looking for in team members:
    • Environmental consulting
    • Brand management
    • Corporate identity
    • (Internet) marketing communications
    • (Copy)writing
    • Social media
    • Visual/graphic design
    • Web design
    • Web development
    • WordPress (development)
    • App development
    • Virtual assistance (e.g. administration)
    • ...

    Since the internet is the cornerstone of all our activities, each service is to be digital. Also keep in mind that all mentioned services are centred around clients.

    Please tell me what you would like to add, what you’ve been working on in the past, and how you’ve acquired your skills. What are you doing to stay on top of your field?
  • Location

    It really doesn’t matter where you are (you might even travel a lot), but for the sake of convenience and consistency, I think it’s important that we share more or less the same culture and economy. I simply think this makes for a stronger business brand.
  • Language

    As long as your English is natural and fluent, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a native speaker or not (as a matter of fact, I’m not). In order to maintain a professional image, it’s imperative that we all consistently use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation.

As I’m sure you can imagine, there is a lot more to be discussed and decided (I’ve got a list we can add things to), and I look forward to doing that together!

Lastly, I want to add that my intention is not to sound bossy, and I’m aware that I might have come across as that in my message. You can rest assured that this is not my actual nature.

Also, I’m sure that if you are the right person to join the online studio, a lot of the details mentioned will be obvious to you. Naturally, though, I want to attract the right people, so I just wanted to clarify some things.

Simply get in touch with me if this idea speaks to you (contact at rosabosma dot com), and tell me all about you! Needless to say, questions are welcome too.

If you know someone who might be interested and an ideal fit, please share this message with them.

Thanks a lot.

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