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If you are planning to invest with the help of an "Adviser" I must warn you to be extremely careful. You would do well to run it past your solicitor/lawyer before signing over a penny. My own experience with what I regarded as a reputable company has been disastrous. Far from earning an annual yield, the advice was so poor I have done nothing but lose for over two years - and continue to pay for that doubtful privilege. The man with whom I dealt misrepresented almost everything and then disappeared over the horizon closing the "local" office in this country witout informing anybody. The company disappeared from London - again without notifying anybody, so nobody is covered by the compensation scheme operated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) The company of which this man is a "Senior Partner" company, informed of his actions by email and hard copy couldn't even be bothered to acknowledge my complaint which contained all the necessary information including documents and email. . I should not wish you to suffer the same loss and shabby treatment so if you would care for more information please contact me personally. You might be glad you did...and a little wealthier.
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