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Squirrels in my head

agenttwelveagenttwelve subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2016 in Selecting a Business
Hello everyone! I am new to this site, but I have a question right out of the gate.

I have always wanted to own a business and be an entrepreneur, I come from a family of entrepreneurs and basement start ups, however, I am having the hardest time wrangling all the ideas in my head. It seems like I have new business ideas on a daily basis or more. Some of them could be viable, some I'm certain aren't. I am driving myself crazy this way as I feel I can't really "see" the market I want. My passion is emergency preparedness and response, I work as a firefighter now. Is there an "ah-ha!" moment that any of you had with your business ideas? Or did you just watch the market for a while and see the gaps? I've been trying to do both, but the ideas that come into my head are all over the place. :?:

For example: Some of the business ideas I have had in the past

Writers service (copy editing, SEO, ghostwriting)
Promotional video services
"Uber" for recreationists (hikers and bikers) - I live in Utah
Errand runners

And the only thing in my field.... emergency preparedness consulting for homes and businesses.

As you can see, lots of random ideas, some better than others.
Any advice on how to narrow my vision and focus? Or should I just keep at it? With all these ideas in my head, I am struggling to act on any of them. Let me know what you think!


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    Charlie PCharlie P subscriber Posts: 84 Silver Level Member
    There are a few questions that you should ask yourself:
    1. What do I enjoy doing?
    2. Which of my ideas relate to the answer to #1?
    3. Which of the ideas that relate to #1 are things that can be profitable?
    4. Do any of the ideas from #3 fill gaps in the current market either locally or online?

    When I read your post and got to the idea list I was very surprised to see the first thing being "writer services" as your whole opening portrayed an outdoorsman and a hustler. The consulting gig would be something to look further into due to your having the experience of being a firefighter/first responder.

    Also, you mentioned promotional videos. How about doing product reviews for emergency products that have links for affiliate sales? You could do fire extinguishers, window ladders, alarms, etc... Plus, put some adds on the videos to make a little from that direction.

    Lastly, to answer the question about having an "Ah-ha" moment. The answer is sorta :) Certain ideas will stick out more than others as the ones that you should go after.
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    xohopcomxohopcom subscriber Posts: 11
    The Idea you can find everywhere, it posibble if you have Passion about the thing you gonna do, dont let or push yourself to something that you didnt like to do folks, let it flow like a river, so if you already do something with your passion, The Idea will not hard to find
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    Tuah BaoTuah Bao subscriber Posts: 176 Silver Level Member
    The first question is "what is your goal?" It doesn't have to be specific, but you need to have it at high-level, at least.

    For example: Your goal is to get 6 pack abs. If you find your goal, you find your passion, too . How to get to your goals? There are many ways, such as proper diet, protein drinks and exercise...etc

    Then, you can choose to specialise one of the businesses. For example: be a diet/consultant consultant (advise on proper diet), dealing with supplement products (protein drinks) and coaching (DVD, online course, one to one training).

    In summary, once your find your goal and passion, business ideas will branch out easily (like a tree).
    Tuah Bao
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    Mohit ChauhanMohit Chauhan subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member
    edited December 2018
    I would ask you to look at the place you live and try understanding the need of the people. Doing this will give you business as it is in demand and also profit because everyone will be interested. Like the uber idea, something of that sort. I think it will help you out. 

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