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How would I go about starting a company to Import Coffee From Costa Rica to the US?

mbuchananmbuchanan subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2016 in Business Planning

I have an opportunity to begin a relationship with an organic farm in Costa Rica who wants to start exporting their coffee into the united states. I am curious what needs to be done from a Business/Compliance standpoint to make this happen? From what Ive been able to research you do not need a special license to import coffee into the united states so the steps as I see them are

1.) Form an LLC
2.) Have the Farm register with the FDA
3.) Prior notice of Import needs to be filed with the FDA

Am I on the right track? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.


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    alohasteph06alohasteph06 subscriber Posts: 7
    Those are great questions but before you go down that path, can you answer these questions:
    1. Once it is imported, what happens to it?
    - Will you be packaging it?
    - Will you be selling to resellers?
    - will you be private labeling it?
    2. How do you get those customers?
    3. What do you sell it for? What does it cost you?
    4. How will it be delivered to your customer?

    There are many more things to think about...but those are critical before you spend a lot of time and energy creating entities and filling out paperwork with the FDA which is super time consuming and can be an arduous process.

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