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Educating Potential Clients

BCav77BCav77 subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2016 in Business Planning
Hey Everyone I appreciate you taking a minute!

I am in the later stages of launching a business and struggling to identify our product to our consumers. The premise is that we are a B2B company that evaluates attractions such as restaurants, hotels, theme parks, etc.. on the different aspects of what makes up a great guest experience. Our rubric is a point system in which we grade on things such as layout organization and employee approachability if a specific attraction reaches a certain mark they are then deemed so and may market themselves as having our certification of excellence. In going through the evaluation the attraction is also given any data we collect on areas in which they can improve and in turn implement some of these ideas. Our problem is educating our target market which is obviously attractions owners and managers about our evaluations and the benefits that they provide. We have reached out to Multiple attractions in a specific region and had minimal success. I'm here to build relationships with all of you guys in this forum and would love to hear what any of you think about our companies direction. Your advice is much appreciated!


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    Charlie PCharlie P subscriber Posts: 84 Silver Level Member
    Do you have any social leverage to make it worth it to the attraction for them to pay you for your service? What I mean by this is, How many people would respect your company's opinion? Once you have some sway in the public arena then you would be able to entice these types of companies to approach you in the hopes of getting your rating. Do you do video reviews of attractions on like a youtube channel? Written reviews on medium?

    I hope my questions have provided some food for thought and got you thinking through your current roadblock.
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    jackmaxx12jackmaxx12 subscriber Posts: 2
    Close your eyes for a moment and recall the memory of a time you got overwhelmed when trying to learn something new. Was it a teacher who gave too much content too fast? Was there a sales rep that seemed to flip switches, push buttons and fly right through a demonstration, leaving your head spinning?
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