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How recruitment technology affect the recruiting strategy

JulienJulien subscriber Posts: 44
edited November 2016 in Business Planning
I have read several articles talk about how recruitment technology affect the recruiting strategy, I do agree, however, as a hunter I still think it is just a tool not a way to solve the real problem, what do you guys think?


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    TSlinf24TSlinf24 subscriber Posts: 3
    Well, I think the recruitment technology can help recruiter to connect strongly with job seekers.

    According to a new insights paper released few months ago, explained that as technology has transformed recruiting from manual procedures of yesteryear to the automated systems of today, it has raised the bar on the type of skills recruiters need to be effective in the race to secure the best talent.

    Recruiting technology is here to stay and its impact on the art of recruiting is inescapable. While the global race for talent accelerates, a critical differentiator is the human touch that recruiters bring to the talent acquisition process. Recruiters, who make the most of technology by using it to engage and connect with candidates, create stronger relationships that ultimately benefit employers.

    Despite its undeniable advantages, automated recruiting has become an equalizer as most recruiters have access to a similar variety of tools. Since they can now access talent faster and more efficiently, they have more time to engage with candidates. This is when recruiters’ soft skills become essential as they can “make or break” relationships with job seekers.

    Recruitment technology is very commonly used for Chinese recruiter and job seekers, if you have any questions about recruitment or recruitment in China, you can contact me personally or visit my company Talent Spot.
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    david14beckdavid14beck subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
    Recruiting technology is rapidly changing over the years. There are many new techniques that have the greatest impact on the recruitment process like social media, mobile recruitment etc. Recruiters, who use the latest techniques get the best results and build a strong relation with candidates.
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