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Best Timing, Location and Concept in need of some PR

MobraMobra subscriber Posts: 9 Member
edited November 2016 in Public Relations
Hi guys,

Just a very short introduction (it's plenty of info online if you're curious): For decades already an average of 37 kids (and way more pets) die in US every year when forgotten in hot cars. Finally last week the lawmakers stepped in with the Hot Car Act of 2016. -- this is TIMING.

Texas has the highest number of casualties out of all states and I live in Austin, TX. -- this is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

My Patent Pending reminder/lifesaver, never4get.us, is the most reliable, affordable and versatile out of all products and concepts proposed so far -- this is BEST CONCEPT.

Now due to the fact that the Hot Car Act of 2016 just came out of the blue and NOW it's the best timing ever (for my type of product) I would really appreciate some help: A well-connected somebody (a bored retiree ready for some action is quite fine) to present never4get.us to the right people and/or businesses. You think I can get any help on this forum?

Thank you for eyeing my thread,


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