Would any of you use my service?

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I thought this would be the best place for asking this, as many of you own a startup company. Couple days ago, I got an idea of a web service, that would help startups expanding their markets to other countries.

I know that running a startup company is time consuming and really expensive, and at the same time you are trying to grow your business. I am quite sure that many of you would like to bring your product/service to the markets of another country, but you are struggling with the time and required language skills. The idea of the website would be that you could hire a person to sell/promote or what ever you want in a specific country.

The employers can post their job ads to the page, and employees can submit their applications to the employers through the website. So why do I think this kind of website would be necessary? I know that internet is full of job boards, but I have not seen a single one that would have been focused in anything like this. These are not usually full-time jobs, and I think that many companies have not even thought of posting this kind of job ads.

I am sorry for my English, it is not my native language, but I hope you understood my idea. If there is anything you did not understand, I am glad to answer them. Thank you for reading.


  • PRGuyDCPRGuyDC Posts: 20subscriber
    I think it is a great idea but for as long as they get paid only upon completing a sale.

    there is also logic of shipping and currency conversion. Did you address those too?
    A startup Tech Guy who is getting is starting PR on the side with mentality, you pay only if covered.
  • Steve Nichols, MSSteve Nichols, MS Kansas City, MOPosts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member
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    This is a great idea. One thing to consider as well would be business regulations in foreign countries. For instance, I'm a U.S. citizen spending some time in Brazil and I know that it can be difficult to obtain permission to operate my business here because I don't have Brazilian citizenship. Even if I did, creating a business entity in this country is much more difficult than in the U.S. I'm not sure if this applies to the business model you envision, but it's something to consider.
  • Levi Leyba, MBALevi Leyba, MBA Posts: 26subscriber Bronze Level Member
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    @Steve Nichols, MS Good thoughts.  Often times, when people have goals of expanding or starting in countries other than their own, they do not think about the regulations and licenses—specifically the differences between nations of what is acceptable and what is not.
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