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Want to buy a domain name that’s for sale

Brian77Brian77 subscriber Posts: 3
Hi all, I love these forums and all the information and advice therein.  I am new to these forums but from what I have seen everyone seems to be genuine and helpfull towards each other in our quests to build our businesses.  I have a web domain that I want to buy for my business that is listed for auction.  My question is, I have seen it listed on one domain auction site for one price and have seen it for auction from another site for a much lower price.  I have bought domain names before, but never an existing one from another individual.  My question is, as long as the adress is exactly the same, does it matter who the rights are purchased through?  I assume that these sites have different margins and commisions built into these prices, hence the varyance in price.  I just want to be sure that if I buy this domain name, it will be mine and only mine, and that I will have exclusive rights to it.


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    If the person selling the domain actually owns it and passes/transfers ownership to you...then you will own it.
    I don`t think anyone on SUN can tell you if the person selling the domain on the two sites is the owner (without more information). If the ownership or name of the admin contact for the domain is shown and is the same in both auction sites, then it would appear the owner is using two sites to sell the domain.
    You can look up who owns the domain.. or at least the domain record. Enter the domain name nad it will stell you if it is available and a link to the registration information.
    If course the question is would the seller sell the domain for the lower auction price or higher auction price?
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    venmalathyvenmalathy subscriber Posts: 0
    You can contact the Domain name by contacting the Domain name owner and know the final offer ,then buy Domain name that is for sale.You can contact the Domain name owner by using the Whois search at here Zippozap.com also get the free appraisal at here and then buy it,so you can know the worth of the Domain name and buy it.
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