How to spend less time on customer support

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Customer support comes with good benefits, but also, with great responsibilities. Small software development businesses can find it difficult to work on their growth strategies and deal with customer support at the same time.

Customer support is a great tool that helps businesses learn about their clients' experiences with their products. However, when the same person that has bug fixing tasks needs to deal with responding to the questions of several customers, the situation changes. This can affect the growth process of the company.

The downsides of customer support
The need to respond to every customer You treat every customer with the same importance. Thus, you answer to every question. This is a time-consuming and unproductive process for your business.
Respond in real time You know that each customer is waiting for your response. For this reason, you are focused on responding to them as soon as possible.
More than 1 employee working on customer support If you have a great number of messages, you may need more than one person to take extra duties and deal with customer support.

Looking at these disadvantages, it can be observed that small business need some efficient alternatives.

    Well documentation of the product
Improve your documentation if you are receiving several questions about the same feature of the product. Make the section that explains how to solve the problem more visible. In this way, they will find the answer easily and you will improve your customer support service.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Create a document with the most frequently asked questions you thought of and you received from your clients.

    Customer support service platforms
Such type of platforms are a very efficient tool. The features of these platforms include: ticketing system, knowledge base, community forums, live chat software and phone support.

Customer support plays an important role in your business, but it can also hold your company back. Choose techniques that will not interfere with your business growth.

What do you think of the effects of customer support in small businesses?


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    Your customers are hugely important for your growth. Post launch customer support takes on a very high amount of time, but at the same time is helping you in finding those bugs that weren't found in testing and finding related pain points that weren't thought of before. Have your engineers be the ones answering the emails and taking some of the calls, this will put the information directly into the hands of those people that need it the most. This will also motivate them to fix it right away to keep the calls and emails to a minimum.
  • anushkachhakrabartianushkachhakrabarti Silver Level Member Posts: 219subscriber Silver Level Member
    Brands are becoming more aware that prioritizing retention in their marketing plans is not only a way to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions, but also a powerful tool for increasing customer acquisition volumes.
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