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architecture website business partner

PerotinPerotin subscriber Posts: 2

after asking many many friends, I've decided to use internet to find a business partner.
Is anyone interested to make an architecture pattern book startup. Its a mixture of houzz and pinterest.
Ideally you are a web developer (to make a website) or an architect with the same ideas.


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    Ankita1234Ankita1234 subscriber Posts: 49 Bronze Level Member
    Its a nice idea to club two top websites, Its a difficult task for a developer to merge out something new where the old one is quite successful.
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    WebDevWebDev subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    I am a CEO of the web and mobile development company, I am happy to convey that your requirements are solely fulfilled by me. Kindly contact me on skype:- "monadinfotech" to discuss more.
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    Dr. JB OlsonDr. JB Olson subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Hi Perotin,
    I'm NOT a business trying to sell you my services. I'm an experienced software architect and developer who has built much more complex applications than what you are describing and who is able to work full-time-ish without pay indefinitely on an interesting project IFF you are fun to work with, willing to give lots of creative input, are willing to handle the business/sales side of things, and have lots of time (sweat equity) to put into the project. I'd also like to discuss a few of my ideas in case I might be able to convince you to work with me on one of them.

    Why am I willing to do this you might ask? Because I love doing software projects with people and currently I'm spending my days working all alone in my home office. I love the freedom I have to work on my own stuff and don't want to go back to working for someone else, but I'm sooooooooo bored! And also I suck at sales and pretty much all aspects of entrepreneurial ventures that have to do with money.

    Anyway... I hope you get the idea.

    -- John 510 / 512 / 8866
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