Ecom partner needed.

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Ill keep this short and to the point.
I am seeking a ecom expert to help put together a marketplace for sellers/buyers in all categories, i will need help in managing listing inventory and marketplace accounts for the most part.

What i bring to the table
I can get big bucks! i have been directly involved in raising around 4 mill USD in the past few years for startups i only owned a small % of. and i can raise more once i have something in place.

I have worked with/for a e com site that has well over 30 mil USD sales annually.

I own a one of a kind short 2 word domain that it just perfect for a e-com website it is around 17 years old and set to expire 2018.

I have a close friend and past business partner that teaches sellers how to get started on ebay and amazon, he can easily provide 500-2000 sellers to start with.

Im sure there is tons i forgot please contact me for more info.
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