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What is celebrity endorsement?

LAGIRL1994LAGIRL1994 subscriber Posts: 4
edited August 2016 in Marketing
Hi, guys. I have my own PR Company and I'd like to organise an event with celebrities. And now I'm studying the pecularities of this. Have you ever done this before?


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    lrntennetlrntennet subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi there,

    I haven't worked with celebrities specifically, but I have worked with influencers in the past. Most of the time, influencers will want something in return for attending or being a part of your event/campaign. Either you set the boundary to start - "We will give you x,y,z for coming to the event," or "I thought this event would interest you because x,y,z," or, you start a conversation on what their boundary is, "Have you ever attended events in the past on behalf of an organization? If so, what was exchanged for you coming?"

    Does that help? Or were you more interested in learning more about bringing in entertainment for your event?


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