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BreeAnaBreeAna Posts: 3subscriber
Hi Everyone,
Do any of you have leads on testing an individual with their quickbook knowledge and experience?  I have been searching online for a program or software that allows this and the only one I found was on Quickbooks 2000.  I need a more recent test that reflects the current versions out there.  It of course has to be with in a reasonable cost.
Thanks so much!
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  • cuttscutts Posts: 4subscriber
    Hi Bree, what do you mean by testing? Quickbooks 2007 is available but so is Quickbooks point of sale. One does accounting, the other more retail point of sale and inventory management. There are plenty of courses available. However I would have thought that it is not so much a persons ability to navigate quickbooks, but rather their basic accounting skills to ensure that entries are posted correctly. While Quickbooks will do 80% of basic accounting, there are always adjustments or irregularities in business that need general journal posting. Equally the ability of a manager to read financial statements and understand what they really mean. This to me is the real test.
  • BreeAnaBreeAna Posts: 3subscriber
    Hi Stuart,
    Perhaps I should of been specific with the post.  Im looking into hiring individual bookkeepers and since most businesses use quickbooks, I need to test their knowledge in using the software.  That is what I am questioning.
    Hope that was clearer.
  • cuttscutts Posts: 4subscriber
    Okay got it.
    What about setting your own test??
  • KarelGKarelG Posts: 4subscriber
    One thing to remember before you let anyone access your Quickbooks data, is BACKUP your data.  I used to work for consulting firm and we hired a temporary worker to do basic data entry.  Her employer told us that she had been fully trained on Quickbooks and had several years of accounting experience.
    After she had been working for about 3 weeks, I found that she didn`t know that the Enter button meant Save.  She was tabbing though invoice records and clearing data and then hitting Enter to move to next record.   I had to re-create almost a month of customer invoices.
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