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Need feedback on my Web Design Company website.

Rohit_webGuyRohit_webGuy subscriber Posts: 12
edited August 2016 in Website Critique
Hello Members,

I am Rohit from India and new to startupnation. I am providing web design services, web development services, and SEO services for last 5 years mostly as a freelancer. Recently I made a huge change in my career and I formed a full service company. So I redesigned my old personal website into a professional and company oriented website. The site is 95% finished and is live for last 2 months. Now I desperately need feedbacks about my site and how it is performing as a Digital Marketing Company.

My website is - cspcorp.in

Will appreciate detailed feedback like How it looks, user friendliness, surfing experience, readability, bad things, easy or difficult to find required information, and other things poping in your mind.

Thank You


  • drdurham888drdurham888 subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    Hi Rohit,

    A very attractive layout and content.

    Load time: Very fast

    Appearance: Very attractive

    Areas for Improvement or to consider:
    Images used - these are very attractive, but how are they relevant to web design and SEO?

    Text (especially on your home page) - Blocks of text are hard to read or to scan quickly. And the 3 column structure adds to this problem. I suggest you use paragraph breaks or use bullet points for the major benefits of your services.

    Services - Why do you offer Affordable Web Design and Responsive Web Design as two different services? Nowadays all new websites need to be responsive.

    Hope these comments help - good luck with your business.
  • Rohit_webGuyRohit_webGuy subscriber Posts: 12
    Hello David,

    Thank you for your feedback and for your time. Apologies for my late reply, I was into something else.

    I intentionally didn’t use banner images exactly as it should be. Every design company use images to show their services, I find those are professional but a bit mechanical. I tried to use images which are not service oriented but to some point relative. Like the home page banner depicts endless possibilities, the web design page is showing bees are designing and developing their home, the responsive web design page is showing that the structure of the waterfall is dependent on the available lower path just like responsive website flows depending on rendering screen. I know you are not agreeing to all of my points but it is just my way to present something in a different way. Like home page banner quotation I am going to put a quotation on every banner.

    You are absolutely right about texts. I will try to use smaller blocks of text and overall a bit lesser and compact text.

    I know responsive web design and web design services are pretty much same in today’s time. I put them on different web pages because I am trying to optimize each web page for max 2-3 key phrases.

    Thanks again for your feedback and hope we will be in touch.
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