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5 Reasons why employees want to turn as entrepreneurs at 40 age

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5 Reasons why employees want to turn as entrepreneurs at 40 age

Majority of the employees are feeling to quit the job and start own business. Why?, Let me explain 5 reasons why employees want to turn as entrepreneurs at 40 age.

Earned enough money:

why do employees want to turn as entrepreneurs

You might have started your career at 22 (ideal case) worked more than 15 years of experience in the corporate well :) . You got own house, car and bank balance, decided that it is the right time to start a startup so you can be on your own, don't need to work for someone else's success. it is nice to hear.

Great to have one more entrepreneur on boarded, I would say Inflation is getting increased year by year and it became a chronic problem to deal for all countries. Eventually, prices of all goods, groceries will be increased. Are you prepared enough to face this?, does your bank balance vouch to overcome this situation? , are you prepared to provide the same life style you have currently to your family? as you may not get profits from the day one of your new venture, Perhaps, it takes an year or more than that. Are you prepared?.

Exhausted with employment:

Don't like to work more than 12 hours? irritating to stay back and work for late nights? no salary hikes? bored with same presentations, proposals, meeting and reporting. Exhausted with internal politics and egos? loosing patience to manage the team to get expected productivity? getting pressurized for the deliverables and business from the senior management?.

Yes, I agree with you however, you may have to work more than 12 hrs. a day to set the ground for a startup, you don't get salary by last day of every month, you will end up preparing a lot more than proposals and presentations, setting up a core team is not an easy task, it is not just picking up from the available pool.You have to search, judge, promise, motivate, convince and deploy. When you are an employee you are just responsible for the deliverable of a small task but when you are an entrepreneur you are responsible to get the business, execute, deliver and retain the team.

Outdated with technology trends:

What are some reasons to quit a job and start our own business or startup

Stopped learning? didn't get upto date with current trends? no interest to learn new things? feeling difficult to learn new things? feeling like how long I have to learn new things?.

People who have the mindset of evoluting new technology, experimenting new things, earning more money, expanding business are disturbing rest of the world. ha..ha..ha :) . Eventually that's why rest of the world end up learning new things for survival. Please don't be angry about them. However, new jobs are getting created and new comforts are in use because of those people.

Too much work to handle:

what to do to turn as entrepreneur from employee

Too much work to handle? not enough time to spend with family? getting tired so easily because of the age? many sleepless nights? sometimes working on weekends?.

You will have tons of activities and only work to handle in startups initially, you may end to spending negligible time with family. you will have many more sleepless nights than job, no weekends to enjoy until you see abundant amount of growth and success.

Passion to be as an entrepreneur:

Perfect, come on...startup is the right solution to get your dreams fulfilled. This kind of energy is needed to start a startup. You would enjoy the work though work for more than 12hrs. You would be happy as you are working for yourself. you are the king for your kingdom, don't be scared to take calculated risk in life. Your passion drives the show as it has much bigger impact than any other reasons above. It won't let you down though you come across hurdles.

Successful entrepreneurs can rule the world, they can enjoy the real freedom, they can enjoy the status in the society, they only can create employment, I would request come up with right intention to have a successful business.

Key take away:

I am not here to scare the entrepreneurs who are attempting to start a startup. My only objective is to alert to take enough care.
I have attempted to help entrepreneurs to come up with right intention.
Building a successful startup is much more difficult than employment.
When everything goes good business is the best way to fulfill your dreams.
Please don't get into startups just because of first four reasons.
Only passion drives the show.
% success will be increased with right intention and efforts.
I have attempted to provide real information to upcoming entrepreneurs.
Start a startup with passion and winning mindset.

All the best :) you should see the success.

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