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How Cloud computing could help your business

QuickFMSQuickFMS subscriber Posts: 36 Bronze Level Member
edited July 2016 in Selecting a Business
Cloud based facility management software can provide you easy and efficient maintenance for your business. Clod computing can make your business centralised and easy management of informative data that will be much useful in your evaluation.


  • harryventharryvent subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member
    Cloud-based Management software helps to business growth and reduce time to handle the process. We install management software Apptivo for handle customers, business accounting. I agree your point cloud computing, it helpful to many organization development.
  • PhillipsPhillips subscriber Posts: 68 Bronze Level Member
    In today's world, every business is in the practice of using cloud computing. It is essential for every department for business development. Our business team is also using cloud computing to develop their business. Our sales team is using CRM, which is hosted in the cloud and is helping them to boost their sales activity. Our HR team is using cloud payroll system. So is our marketing team, who are using cloud-based solution to carry email marketing campaign. Our marketing use SMTP server Mandrill to send emails which they integrate with a front end email marketing solution EasySendy Pro to achieve high email deliverability rate, open rate and click through rate.
    Therefore, I can conclude saying that Cloud computing is indeed an essential tool for business development.
  • vipul_46vipul_46 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Cloud computing provides multi features to a business, helping them gain much in less. By providing mobility, data security, adaptability and device compatibility, cloud computing is a great investment for small businesses. 
  • IsaacKIsaacK subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Cloud computing allows better accessibility to essential files. It enhances connectivity and fast communication. For a fast development, I do believe cloud computing is essential for a business. For those companies that still use Windows File Servers, it is hard for them to migrate to a cloud computing system. Nevertheless, the app Topdox, allows Windows File Servers to behave as a cloud, which means that there is no need to be on-premise to access files and share them. 
  • clapcreativeclapcreative subscriber Posts: 36 Bronze Level Member
    Here are some of the many reasons
    Money saving:
    If companies set up their own infrastructure/computing resources then it may or may not be used to its full capacity. But they have to spend  money for its full capacity regardless of utilization. With cloud computing expenditure cost can be cut down. In cloud computing you pay depending upon the usage. If the usage is more then you pay more. Sometimes your business may need less computing power/resources, so for reduced usage you pay less. The companies don't need to invest much in Operations(IT) team as the infrastructure is managed by third party.Scalability:
    Cloud computing resources are scalable. As the business grows more resources can be added to the fleet with ease. If business scales down and resources utilization goes down then remove them from business.Reliable:
    Many cloud computing service providers assure 24*7 availability.  Service providers have relatively big infrastructure which guarantees 99.99% availability which anticipates consequences of failure. Small in house infrastructures are more prone to downtime due to failure. Collaboration:
    Cloud computing offers many shared apps increasing collaboration and sync-up within employees/teams. It makes easy and fast to take decisions and deliver them to team. Effective collaboration increases productivity and the ultimate outcome.Easy access from anywhere:
    Employees don't have to come to office to access the resources. As long as employees have Internet access, they can work from anywhere even home. They can leverage this freedom to increase work-life balance.

  • sinGNsinGN subscriber Posts: 116 Silver Level Member
    cloud computing benefits are
    1.Fresh Software
    2.Do more with less
    3.Flexible costs
    4.Always-on availability
    5.Improved mobility
    6. Improved collaboration
    7.Cloud computing is more cost effective
    8.Expenses can be quickly reduced
    9.Flexible capacity
    10.Facilitate M&A activity

  • YourRetailCoachYourRetailCoach subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member

    Cloud computing software can give you simple and well-organized maintenance for your business. It can make your business centralized and stress-free management of educational data that will be much useful in your assessment.

    YRC is a Management Consulting Company, especially for the B-C Sector. Our expertise lies into designing of Standard Operating Procedures, Franchise Development, Strategy & Operations services, Process Audits & Training. 
  • borntoruleborntorule subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
    In modern business world there are many cloud based facility management software.  Cloud CRM systems delivers automated business processes to manage the complete customer journey – from lead nurturing to opportunity management, and continued account maintenance. In general such cloud based software can simplify, secure and make your business mobile. 
  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    Like every technology it has both positive and negative aspects.
    It will sure help your business, because it will save you money. spending money to maintain hardware that often goes unused, subscribing to software and services for a low monthly fee. 
    Your organization can benefit from a massive pool of redundant IT resources, as well as quick failover mechanism - if a server fails, hosted applications and services can easily be transited to any of the available servers.
    Ever-increasing computing resources give you a competitive edge over competitors. Cloud computing allows you to forget about technology and focus on your key business activities and objectives.

    But be aware of its disadvantages: 
    No longer in control. When moving services to the cloud, you are handing over your data and information. For companies who have an in-house IT staff, they will be unable to handle issues on their own. 

  • fb3003fb3003 subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    another great advantage of cloud computing is the concept of SaaS (software as a service).  Businesses do not worry about their application, pay a monthly subscription fee and always have access to the latest version.  This is in particular very helpful for startups to get initial investment cost of having servers and internal IT team.
  • Jeffrey L EvansJeffrey L Evans subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    This is such an informative thread. Thanks to everyone who have participated in this discussion and contributed something valuable here. 
  • Justin evansJustin evans subscriber Posts: 69 Bronze Level Member
    The cloud refers to a centralized location on the internet that stores data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. Small businesses have embraced the cloud because it has a number of benefits, including:
    • Reduced Cost. Storing files in the cloud instead of on-site can save a significant amount of money in hardware costs.
    • Ease of Use. Saving and accessing files on the cloud is easy, making it an attractive option, even for nontechnical small business owners.
    • Flexibility. The cloud and the way you use it can grow and change as your business needs grow and change.
    • Automation. Instead of having to invest in information technology to keep your file storage system updated and maintained, most applications that use the cloud automatically update themselves.

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  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Cloud computing solutions for business leads to increased efficiency; services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in minutes.
  • SmithJohnesSmithJohnes subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member

    Cloud Computing for small businesses enables them to expand at will and makes the operations flexible. They provide access as and when it is requested for and thus business owners can accommodate new resources with ease. It gives them the ability to enhance their capacity to support the sudden growth of businesses.Cloud computing provides enhanced functionality and opportunity. Businesses can improve efficiency, reduce expenses, find new revenue sources, and empower and engage employees differently.

    In the case of a natural disaster, fire, vandalism or theft, there’s a significant risk of disruption or destruction of businesses. Not with the cloud.

  • StevenSniderZeroStevenSniderZero subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    edited October 2020

    Cloud computing allows you to save and share your data in the Cloud so that you can access it from any device. And it's encrypted so that no one can hack or steal your information. Different software, like AES-256, uses different encryption systems.  Some of the strongest and most popular cloud software globally (www.solarwindmps.com and www.worktime.com)  use  cloud encryption, which is much safer and more comfortable.

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