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Seven key lessons for new entrepreneurs

QuickFMSQuickFMS subscriber Posts: 36 Bronze Level Member
edited July 2016 in Selecting a Business
These lessons are really going to help new entrepreneurs to improve their business productivity.


  • MichaelBucklesMichaelBuckles subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member
    The key step to boost your productivity is
    Build a strong team.
    Simplify the process.
    Set achievable goals and margins.
    Analyze performance.
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  • harryventharryvent subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member
    The key Steps for new entrepreneurs success
    -Be focus of destiny
    -Adapt to new technology
    -Analyse marketing trends
    -Work smart
    -Apply new innovative ideas
  • hieuvu.vtmhieuvu.vtm subscriber Posts: 8
    To contribute more, I have extracted these 7 key lessons for new entrepreneurs:
    1. Be ready for the changes
    2. Do not be complacent
    3. Share the responsibilities
    4. Separate personal emotion from your business
    5. Make use of time efficiently
    6. Balance all your connections
    7. Set possible objects
    That's all :D
  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    Wow! I like such topics of wisdom. I collect them Here are my advices:
    - Focus on building a great product, but don't take forever to launch. Improve it after your release.
    - Become or hire a strong salesperson.
    - Build a great and functional website for your company.
    - Understand financial statements and budget
    - market your business like crazy.

  • Gregory101Gregory101 subscriber Posts: 51 Bronze Level Member
    You can find hundreds, possibly thousands, of guides and posts about what to do (or not to do) for becoming an entrepreneur but the truth is entrepreneurship is like jumping into a sea without knowing how to swim. 

    Doesn't matter how much you read or prepare yourself, it would never be enough. In fact, you would be learning a thing or two everyday during your journey as an entrepreneur and this is one of the things which makes entrepreneurship so special.

    If you would like to become an entrepreneur then just do it and learn as you move forward. As for the lessons, embrace these 3 Ps - Patience, Persistence and Perspiration (hard work). Rest is easy :-)
  • NatashaGilbertNatashaGilbert subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    *Entrench Yourself in a Goal
    *Relive Past Successes
    *Find Inspiration in Someone Else
    *Try a New Approach
    *Find an Accountability Partner
    *Psych Yourself Up
    *Work Smart
  • Sandra YanceySandra Yancey subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    Stay True To The Mission
    Never Get Complacent
    Ask for help when you need it
    Be your own biggest critic
    Focus on your strengths and delegate your weaker areas to others
    Don't quit...review, revise and re-engage.
    Never Stop Learning!

  • Justin evansJustin evans subscriber Posts: 69 Bronze Level Member
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  • Steve AndersonSteve Anderson subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    One of the key lessons Entrepreneurs must consider and keep a check on is securing corporate data and assets. 
  • John G. AnaiJohn G. Anai subscriber Posts: 83 Silver Level Member

     Innovation can be simple.

    Test and do it now.

    Think for the short term and adapt.

    Work hard.

    Play hard.

    It's not all about you and your idea.

    Never Stop Learning!

  • Makses96Makses96 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    So many different tips, you don’t even know which one to choose for yourself. Thanks for the feedback.

  • John G. AnaiJohn G. Anai subscriber Posts: 83 Silver Level Member

    Leadership isn't easy. Neither is entrepreneurship. And yet, sometimes the latter gives you incredible insights into the former.

    1. Embrace finance
    2. Maintain an even keel
    3. Balance openness and self-trust
    4. Do what you love
    5. Get out there
    6. Address a pain point
    7. Teach that failure is OK

  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member
    • Know what you want
    • Get help
    • Use the power of partnership
    • Listen to other people
    • Celebrate your successes and failures
    • Spy on your competition
    • Strive for imperfection
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