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Looking at a Few Different Franchises

adamcadamc subscriber Posts: 11
edited January 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hello, some of you may know I am a highschool senior my plans after school are going to be getting a 2 year degree in business management. After that I would like to open a franchise, currently I work for a Radioshack franchise that does well but I personally enjoy working there and I could see maybe making it a life long career.
I am looking for advice on a few of the following franchises if anyone has any.
First I would say the franchise I am leaning towards starting after college would be Subway its been the number one rated for a long time now and I have done some research. From what I understand you owning one subway can make 35,000 which isnt bad for a single unit but most people own more then one and get in the six figures potential. I also think anything dealing with the food business is alot of work but what business isn`t? I don`t know if I see myself cooking someone elses idea. I enjoy the thought of owning a personalized restuaraunt  but the franchise is just in my opinion a simple formula for a high success chance.
The second franchise is a ReMax Reality franchise I am extremely skeptical of this franchise due to the housing market. I tried finding information on it but I have come up with a ton of blanks and sites that may not give the most info.
The last but not the least which is always on the back of my mind is owning a Radioshack franchise it would take me a while to learn how to do everything but I work at one now and can honestly say I wouldnt mind it.
If anyone has any experience on any of these franchises let me know I would be glad to hear what you think and what you have found from your own experiences. Thanks for taking th time to read this long post. Also if you have any other franchises that are worth looking into please let me know.
The idea still and will always be in my head to start something from scratch.adamc1/6/2009 9:03 PM


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    FFEMT284FFEMT284 subscriber Posts: 0
    I can`t say that I own any subway`s but some close friends do own and operate 3-4 in the valley.
    Their biggest problems come with trying to find staff, keeping them honest and then with breakins.
    Alot of the employees find that its a good idea to tell their friends how to break in etc, however with a properly installf security system they have had a lot of luck, The security system  also allows them to login remotely to see what the employees are doing.
    Thing to remember about Remax etc is the housing market will come back, it has to so while it may be slow at first it will surely pick up eventually.
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    deviandevian subscriber Posts: 0
    How much net income does the owners of the 3-4 Subways make (Net profit income)?
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