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Search Engine Submission

ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
edited April 2016 in Grab Bag
What are the various Technique ,which would help in Search Engine Submission. Does search Engine Submission helps in Increasing Ranking of the Website.


  • sandrapaulsandrapaul subscriber Posts: 1
    A website that is well optimized for search engines helps to drive more customer to your business. There are many tools available.

    1 – SEM Rush Pro
    2 – SEOMoz Pro
    3 – Majestic SEO
    4 – Advanced Web Rankings (enterprise edition)
    5 – Raven SEO Tools
    6 – UserTesting.com
    7 – Hootsuite
  • mattcocomattcoco subscriber Posts: 5
    Hey Ankit,

    The submission allows the search engines to go straight to your sitemap.xml and go through your site.

    There is discussion on if it does anything at all... so I just submit as a rule of thumb. If nothing else it makes you setup search console and Bing webmaster so you can report on your websites SEO at a later date.
  • videoatclickvideoatclick subscriber Posts: 5
    Search engine submission is when a website is submitted directly to a search engine. This is done by webmasters to help websites be better recognized. This is a way to promote your site and can help improve your rankings.

    The main reason people submit their sites to search engines is because they want their site to be discovered quickly by spiders and don’t want to wait for the search engines to find them organically. Brand-new sites especially want to be discovered quickly and submitting to search engines is a general SEO tool used in the beginning of a website’s life.

    Another reason people choose to submit their sites to search engines is if they have a webpage or part of their site that has just been updated. Submitting your site after updates helps them get recognized more quickly.

    There are two methods to submitting a site to a search engine. You can either submit one page at a time or submit the entire site. Generally webmasters submit the home page of the website because search engine spiders are sophisticated enough to crawl an entire site after they’ve been directed to the homepage.

    For mature sites it’s generally not necessary to submit to search engines because the major ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo have already used their spiders, bots and crawlers to navigate the already established sites and rank them accordingly. However, as mentioned above, if you make major renovations on your site and want the search engines to recognize them quickly there’s no harm in resubmitting. In fact, there’s no harm at all in submitting your site to search engines on a regular basis.

    When submitting your site focus on the top three search engines. If you are having your website design or redesign, this will often be included as part of your package. But you can also manually submit your site to the major search engines whenever you wish.

    Google is the planet’s number one search engine and as such, it should be your first stop when submitting your site. Yahoo is next in line and requires registration before you make a submission, but there’s no charge. Lastly, you want to submit your site to Bing.

    Submitting to search engines isn’t something you should stress over. Each one has its own unique way of finding you and it doesn’t necessarily need your help in doing so. Google uses spiders to crawl the web and bring back information about every website and every page. They send out their crawlers at random so the search engine optimizers can’t time their SEO updates. Yahoo also has their own set of crawlers that extract links and find pages that have yet to be discovered. Bing calls their web crawler BingBot and it has the same task of going out into the web and analyzing each site and webpage.

    The best rule of thumb is to let these web crawlers do their job. It never hurts to submit to search engines, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing it. Your site will get the attention it deserves according to all of the other SEO tools you put into action.
  • ArjenArjen subscriber Posts: 2
    Most search engines will find your website themselves. But it is also never bad to manually submit your link.
  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    First of all, it was a sure-fire way of making sure your website was included in the results and crawled by the engine – a pretty necessary step to running a successful site! In this way, it could also help you get more traffic and a better search ranking, boosting SEO.

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