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Data Center services??

GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
Does anyone know anything about data centers and how they operate? I would like to know if I have a website that offers a service and want them to host and manage it, is that possible? I will be glad to elaborate more on the type of service I am hoping to offer.
Thanks! George


  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    Hello tgagne and thanks for posting. I have been doing some research myself and have found that there are a lot of data centers. Some of them provide a range of services some only povide the minimum.
    To answer your question, what I am looking for is a data center that can host my website, manage it, and provide storage for my customers. I want my service to provide my customers a web based or desktop based online backup solutions. I would start with the pivate sector and then grow into the business market. For that I would also like to provide FTP file sharing capabilities. Now I am not a novice with computers, but I don`t know the processes and inner workings of how the technology would work. I have never done this before so this is all new to me. I do have a software in mind that will provide a client for the customer to use if they choose to use the desktop option. Although I don`t know how the process goes as to getting this software onto my server and having it work when someone downloads it once I have a server up and running.
    I hope this sheds more light on the situation. Thanks again!
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    Yes. My service will allow you to backup, but not to my computer, to a data center. I personally don`t have the financial backing and IT infrastructure to do this. That is why I`m searching for a data center that can provide me a server, host my site and provide me storage for my business purposes that myu customers can use for their personal use. They have the infrastructure, they have the bandwidth, but of course there is a price for it. I`m a aware of that, but I am willing to invest in it.
    I would have no access to their information whatso ever if there is a concern for theft or any other concern for that matter. There a quite a number of companies already offering this service, such as xDrive, IBackup,Intronis, Spare Backup to name a few.
    So you have ideas about this too? Would you be willing to exchange ideas in hopes of helping each other out?
  • CharlesISOCharlesISO subscriber Posts: 0
    George. Check out http://www.datadepositbox.com/I have used them for the past 16 months and find it a low cost, great service.They also have a series of partner programs that might fit your requirements...Good luckCharles Georgwww.termsheetexpress.com
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    Tgagne, thanks for those links. I have been reading up on that article and yes there is some very good information in there, but I don`t know hardly anything about programming so I don`t think that would be a good thing for me. I don`t know that I want to develop an IP for my venture either. That would be too costly, which is why I`m searching for other alternatives. I recently found a software that I can buy per license. It is called Storgrid from Vembu Technologies. You may want to check it out.
    So let me make sure I understood correctly, this SourceHosting.net site provide the backup service to you company with open source software. Is that correct?
    I will definately keep reading on about open source. I may learn a little more about it.
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi CharlesISO,
    I have visited datadepositbox.com and they do have a partner program which allows you to use their software for your own companies purpose. That is more along the lines of what I am searching for. I have found several others like Novastar and Asigra.The nice thing about Asigra is that they allow you business name and logo on their software, which means that your client will never know that it is using an Asigra product because your company name and logo are on it.
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    You have a very valid point. I very much agree with the cost and benefits of using opensource software. I am going to have to download some and try out to see how it works for me.
    So if you don`t mind me asking what does your company pay this kind of service and how much space does the company get. If I under correctly, your customers fianncial data is backed up on their servers, right?
    I guess that is the kind of service I am trying to provide, but I have some other ideas for services in addition to this. I will keep you posted.
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