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I need to build an E-commerce site...



  • archdevarchdev subscriber Posts: 1
    If you are still looking for help building an e-commerce site let me know. I might be able to help you. My company specializes in starting up internet e-commerce companies and have developed a pretty effective strategy for marketing them. I`ve built over 30 successful e-commerce sites. Here are a couple of examples:distinctgiftbaskets.competsalley.commassage-classifieds.comkidsfirstinternet.orgsolarhome.org
  • leadstudiosleadstudios subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi George,For an ecommerce website, you are looking at a "dyanmic" website. Basically, the information is driven from a database so it can be changed on the fly by changing values on the database rather than forced to edit the webpage, and upload the chagnes to the server. Hence the name "dynamic".  Static webpages are basic web sites that rely on basic html and basically comprise images and text.For something like oscommerce (zen cart is another), does require some programming. Many web hosting companies provide support for them and you can use "fantasico installer".  You might be able to get away with the default installation and use their web interface to configure and setup your store but usually you want to customize things to cater to your business. That`s where it can be a little tricky if you have never done it before.I might be speaking a little technical here but feel free to drop me an email/message if you want to talk some more- Brandon-Brandon
  • LEUHLEUH subscriber Posts: 0
    If you are looking for a website that economical solutions try Weebly, good for beginners and has the capabilities to give you an extremely professional look.
    Larry Hutzell
    Managing Director and Founder
  • WesleyWWesleyW subscriber Posts: 0
    There is a site that is all e-commerce web designers called e-commercewebdesigners.net
  • grouponclonephpgrouponclonephp subscriber Posts: 0
    Hay George,What do you want to sell through Groupon Clone Php? by Mr. Groupon Clone Php
  • marketingdudemarketingdude subscriber Posts: 0
    The most quality and economical solution I've found for an e-commerce site is to find a contractor from www.oesk.com. I've had custom webstores built from $100-$150. You'll be amazed at the talent you can find overseas and how cheap it is.
    Most designers from the philippines or india will charge $2-$5 an hour, or charge $50-$200 for a custom website.
    Magento is a free CMS, like Wordpress, but it takes forever to load the website because of excessive scripting. Wordpress and Joomla have great ecommerce abilities.
  • irranya4irranya4 subscriber Posts: 0
    The shopping cart is one of the most important parts to having a smooth e-commerce transition. Elements that are critical to a shopping cart should be, website wizards, Merchant tools, Shopping features, payment options, shipping and taxes configurations, statistics, and security. A truly great shopping cart is considered an E-commerce solution.
  • madelinekimmadelinekim subscriber Posts: 0
    For creating E-commerce site then you have to understand what the visitors want. E-commerce site must have the shopping cart facility. Moreover you have to give them assured that users is buying from your site is convenient and safe things. You can do this creating the site with high quality.
  • littonbarneylittonbarney subscriber Posts: 0
    If you want to create your e-commerce website then you should considered which type of products you want to sell, check you payment solution and the most important thing is that choose reliable and trustworthy domain and add you Paypal account in your website.
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