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How to Run a Successful ECommerce Business

gayatri36gayatri36 subscriber Posts: 29 Bronze Level Member
edited September 2016 in E-Commerce
ECommerce is the Future that's why we started our Online Portal for Furniture business. Looking for Innovative replies for ECommerce website Handling. Any suggestions are Welcome .


  • benmoorebenmoore subscriber Posts: 1
    Wish you luck!

    I think you can find some useful info in this site http://www.entrepreneur.com/

    Your question is too big to be answered so easy.

    Maybe you have to be more specific
  • developers3developers3 subscriber Posts: 1
    Running a ecommerce business online is really a challenging task, there are lots of product to manage in online store and all need to be well managed in order to get visitor's attention. Your post in this regards is fantastic and would to thumbs up on it :)
  • elizabethstephenselizabethstephens subscriber Posts: 3
    For a successful business , Trust plays crucial role .Make new customers and gain trust from them by frequently interacting with them and by offering discounts .
  • ashsummerashsummer subscriber Posts: 33 Bronze Level Member
    If you really want to start a successful business, then work out an effective marketing strategy by yourself or using services of the chief marketing officer . Anyway, I wish you good luck and prosperous business!
  • AndrewPatsAndrewPats subscriber Posts: 2
    :) A business is NOT about products and services. A business is about what result you can get for your clients.
  • webproindiawebproindia subscriber Posts: 3
    If you are planning to start eCommerce venture . Then first requirement to have excellent website .
    Its recommended to get it developed using Open-source technology like Opencart or Magento .
    These platforms are responsive by default and very reliable .
    You can also use companies like shopify which provide all solutions ( like website creation, payment gateways and shipping) under one roof .
    Once website is complete its suggested to start both SEO and SEM campaigns.

    Hope this helps .
  • KellyMcervoyKellyMcervoy subscriber Posts: 1
    edited April 2016
    Magento has a great Solution partner community that can help you with all kinds of implementations and choose the Best Dedicated Certified Magento Developers.
  • megainternationalmegainternational subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    i agree with develper6. there are nice discussion about run a successful Ecommerce Business.
  • Roger MosesRoger Moses subscriber Posts: 11
    i agree with davidsmith36. there are nice discussion about run a successful ecommerce business.
  • SamSam subscriber Posts: 1
    It's a broad question and the answer cannot be given in few words. Setting up an e-commerce business is not that tough but maintaining it is indeed. Whether the products or services you intend to provide are local or national. Right from the delegation of work to constant expanding of business, tapping onto areas unearthed and looking for fresh talents that is recruiting people all are necessary for running a successful e-commerce business. I being myself running such e-commerce business could shed some more light on various aspects of e-commerce - mistakes I did , the do's and don'ts' for new and also existing ones .More on this sometime later.
  • Ankita1234Ankita1234 subscriber Posts: 49 Bronze Level Member
    Having a responsive website design is also good for the e-commerce business. It often see the website having a good and fast responses captures more business.
  • JosjonesJosjones subscriber Posts: 7 Member

    I'm curious as to why/how you came to the conclusion that e-commerce is the future. Do you feel that way about e-commerce AND many other online business models? Or do you feel e-commerce will be the best model in the future?

    I don't know all of the in's and out's but I'm not so sure I agree. I digress because you didn't ask for that....

    As to how to run a successful e-commerce business, the fundamentals apply: Identify your target market, find their pain, find the solution ot it, then get the right people and systems in place to deliver, test until you've identified the price that yields a profit, and execute phenomenal customer service.

    It doesn't matter if it's offline or online really.
  • aboood.ibrahimaboood.ibrahim subscriber Posts: 5
    1. Treat your ecommerce commercial enterprise as though it were a thriving offline business.
    2. Find the right software to your business.
    3. Discern out wherein your customers are.
    4. Permit your clients to be your emblem ambassadors
    5. Do away with friction from the checkout manner.
  • MobilunityMobilunity subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    First of all, you have to find a reliable and affordable vendor to develop a GOOD, secure and able to process high load website or platform.
    In most cases outsourcing company from Eastern Europe is the best choice as they offer the best value for money.
    It is better to chose a company that has all experts needed (developers, designers, QA, technical experts, marketing, SEO/SMM specialists) as in most cases they can deal with all website related tasks/issues and offer all-inclusive services.
    All clients who order development services for eCommerce ask for help with either design, or promotion, or tech maintenance.

    Secondly, you have to do a proper and constant SEO optimization.
    A platform won't be successful and won't bring traffic if it is not optimized according to the best google search results.
    Moreover, if you have a lot of competitors, it is better to rank by KWs with capacity by 500 results/month.

    Thirdly, if you want to have a successful eCommerce platform you need good Customer Support team. It is very time-consuming and expensive to have in-house team, still, as far as we have told already, there are companies that offer all-inclusive services including this one.
  • jaydeep006jaydeep006 subscriber Posts: 24 Bronze Level Member
    E commerce is now the biggest trends on web, everyone is plunging into this field. You can start your e commerce website, as you are saying you want to start an online furniture store. Building a store is quite easy now a days and apart from this you have to promote it well to get good sales.
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